The exterior doors in your home play an essential role. Despite creating the first impression of your house, it is the primary source of security. A weak front door makes your house prone to burglary activities. This can bring advance losses that could have been avoided if you had a robust exterior door in Ontario.

You do not have to wait until your front door starts tearing apart so that you can think of buying a new one. By estimating the time it has served you, you can know if the door is still strong or not. However, to help you identify the signs that your door needs a replacement, NorthTech Windows and Doors has compiled this list of signs. You can tick on any that you have noticed with your exterior doors.

Doors Need Replacement

Difficulties in Opening

A well functioning entry door will not make you apply a lot of force when opening or closing it. When a door starts to compel you to add more effort when closing, unlike before, it means that it has soaked in moisture and expanded, or the hinges are not in good condition. This becomes worse when it rains. Sticking is a good sign that your door needs to be replaced as soon as possible. If neglected, it can cause injuries to anyone opening it carelessly.


Rust will change the color of your door and make it unattractive. What do the visitors see even before they get into the house? Ugliness. Also, rust eats up metal and makes it weak, and a flimsy front door is a compromise to your security. Unless you want your house broken into, you should consider getting rid of that rusty door and installing a new one..


If you realize that your door is changing in shape, there is nothing else you can do to it other than replacing. Distortions are caused by humidity and also aging. Your door is opened every day, and some people bang it while closing, so why would it not start warping with time? Wooden exterior doors are also affected by moisture since, with time, some seep in the water and start expanding. This makes your door weak, and it can also result in invasions.


Unlike windows, exterior doors are opened and closed many times, every day. Banging them can lead to breakage of the glass windows. With a small opening, moisture starts to get in the house and build up in some places. This makes your home cold and more chilled. If not attended to, the humidity can start spreading to other parts and cause rotting. The mold can be cleaned, but for how long will you keep it clean? The problem is in the entry of the moisture. You can curb this by replacing your door. This will stop water from getting in, and it will also maintain the warmth in your house.


If you have to cover your legs in the house because it is cold outside, that means that air is making its way in. Some people have to use towels to cover the bottom of the door to reduce air entry into the house. Drafts are caused by aging, and you can correct this by replacing your front door. It is also a waste of energy, and you will end up paying higher energy bills, a problem that can be solved once and for all.

Dents and Cracks

As the door ages, some situations cannot be hidden. This includes cracks that happen mostly on wooden exterior doors. They give entry to insects and other unwanted things in the house and can be a compromise to your house’s security. Wood cracks cannot be repaired, and putting another wood on top leaves the door looking ugly. This is a good sign that your door is growing old and needs to be replaced.

While you wait to see all the possible signs so that you can think of replacing your entry doors, do not forget that you are putting you, your family, and your property into danger because it will take minutes for burglars to break in and steal. Why can’t you replace that door?