Small Business
Every small business owner faces the possibility of a robbery occurring at their building. Because criminals assume that smaller companies have inadequate security, your business may be an attractive target. Whether you keep a large amount of cash on hand or process all of your transactions online, a comprehensive security program like ( is essential to keeping your employees and company safe. Although you can’t prepare for every eventuality, the following suggestions can improve your security program and minimize the chances of a robbery.

Structural Security

Before spending money on security equipment, you should inspect your building’s exterior for structural problems or weaknesses. Is there any way for a criminal to gain access by a flimsy back door or unlocked window? You can install double-cylinder deadlocks on exits and entrance ways for added security and ensure locked windows are reinforced with security bars before leaving the office. If you keep cash or sensitive documents in your building, you can store the items in a vault door. A vault door is a secure, reinforced room that serves as a giant safe for your valuables.

Security Systems

Security systems are crucial for every business owner, and they’re more affordable and user-friendly due to digital technology advancements. HD security cameras and infrared alarms provide a protective barrier around your property and act as a deterrent to criminals attempting to break in. Your security can be linked to your mobile phone and devices to display instant alerts of a possible burglary, and you can view any of the camera’s images at any time from a remote location. When installing a new system, try to minimize blind spots and check the camera’s images day and night. You may notice one of the cameras needs additional lighting to show a clear image.

Exterior Lighting

The amount of lighting around your building can also deter burglars from entering your property. Poorly lit offices are an ideal target for criminals, but you don’t have to spend a lot to add additional lights. Solar LED floodlights are inexpensive, simple to install and don’t require wiring or cables. Solar lights can burn for six to eight hours and can be supplemented with motion-activated lights for added security. Lights should be placed near windows and doors to illuminate areas that criminals typically enter.

Security Guards

If you live near a high-crime area or have had robberies nearby, you may consider hiring security guards. Guards can protect your employees and property and will alert you about potential threats. Depending on the size of your building, one guard may be sufficient to patrol the grounds. Although it may seem extreme and expensive, a human presence is one of the most effective security measures. If a criminal enters your property, an experienced security guard is trained to handle the threat and secure the area.

Paper Shredding

Invoices, client information and company secrets can fall into the wrong hands if you fail to destroy sensitive information. If a criminal retrieves an invoice from the garbage, they can determine if a cash transaction occurred and may decide to plan a robbery or break-in. Destroy all sensitive information in a paper shredder and keep secure digital backups of all company and client data.

Employee Evaluations

Although criminal acts targeting small businesses aren’t uncommon, many of the crimes are committed by employees or subcontractors connected to the company. Your staff may know when you take deposits to the bank, where you keep cash stored and when you leave the building. Employees have detailed information about your operation, and it’s essential to hire and retain qualified staff that you can trust in your company. Develop a thorough screening process for applicants and conduct several interviews with different managers. A brief interview will not tell you enough about a candidate, but a series of lengthy interviews will give you a broader picture of an applicant. You can also view social media accounts and posts to determine if an applicant has published anything inappropriate or disturbing.

Securing your small business against criminal activity may seem daunting, but you can run a secure and productive company by using the previous methods.