Interim managers are highly sought-after professionals, who are able to solve problems in the short-term. They provide a service that can make the difference between a business that flounders and a business that thrives – and therefore they can be compensated quite handsomely.

But that’s only if they’re able to actually find the work in the first place. Doing this requires a little bit of savvy self-marketing. Selling yourself effectively as an interim solution means less time wasted, more clients, and projects that play to your personal strengths. Let’s look at how it’s done.

Broadcast your successful results

When businesses are in a position to call for an interim, they don’t want to take risks. They want a safe pair of hands to take them through what might well be a turbulent period. If a key member of staff has left the business, then feelings of uncertainty might be rampant. If you’ve got a respectable track record, then it’s essential that you broadcast it. Evidence of past success makes future success seem all that more plausible. 

Highlight your specific areas of expertise

All of your marketing material, from your business cards or your website, should centre around a few key words that encapsulate what it is that you do. These should be memorable and concise. Going through this process might reveal that you don’t fully understand what it is that you do – and if you don’t, it’s unlikely that other people will, either.

When it comes to communication, play to your strengths

While it’s important to take advantage of multiple modes of communication, and to become good at them. Getting your message across via e-mail or text can be efficient, while a long-form article or regular blog might help you dive into a given topic. If you have a particular preference, however, don’t be afraid to lean into it. Talk to prospective clients in a way that suits you! 

Stay consistent in your work

When you’re marketing yourself as an interim manager, you can’t expect immediate results. You’re playing a long game. You have to cement yourself as an option in the minds of your would-be employers. This might take several interactions, and you’ll need to maintain a presence over time to prevent yourself from being forgotten. Then, you’ll need a vacancy to actually appear. To give yourself the best chance, you’ll need to be able to sustain your marketing efforts over the long-term

Take a one-day course

Sometimes, a one-off investment can yield substantial benefits. A one-day course in interim management can highlight areas of weakness that you hadn’t known existed, and help to steer your career in the required direction. It might be the best thing you ever do for your career in interim management!