Proper Care
Your furniture is one of the biggest assets in your home. And how it functions and stays depends a lot on how you take care of it. Out of many options of furniture materials, wood is definitely the most popular. And when taken proper care of, it can last a lifetime, irrespective of its size, use, and function.

You must have seen that wooden furniture is passed down through generations and that is why it is considered a treasured heirloom.

However, whatever type of wood your furniture is made from, it won’t take care of itself until you do that. If left untreated it can be susceptible to abrasions, scratches, and more such issues.

So, your duty doesn’t end when you find contemporary furniture online stores and buy the furniture that you prefer and like and want for your home. You must be able to take proper care of your wooden furniture by following the below tips:

Know and Follow the Manufacturer Maintenance Guideline

There are specific maintenance and caring aspects that furniture manufacturers and designers lay down and that is something that you must pay heed to fully. Make sure you read and understand the maintenance guidelines that come with the furniture, or you can consult the seller fully about that.

Keep it Treated Well

Your furniture’s life depends a lot on how it is treated. Placing hot food directly over the table or other furniture is damaging to the furniture, placing mugs or glasses directly over the furniture causes heat damage or rings. Therefore, it is necessary that you put coasters and potholder or trivet specific to the use and purpose. You can also use a tablecloth and placemats over the table to take care of the furniture.

Dust it Regularly

Dusting is one activity that you may find boring but it is one thing that you should do regularly as it goes a long way in keeping the overall well-being and health of your furniture. Airborne particles keep accumulating on the wooden surface that may lead to scratches and more damage, which can be easily avoided with the simple task of dusting using a cotton cloth, and microfiber at least twice every week.

Follow Right Cleaning Techniques

What fits the requirement of other types of furniture materials may not be suitable for wooden furniture. All-purpose cleaners are not fit to be used with your wooden furniture, but you should know what specific method, the ingredient is right for cleaning sticky parts, or soiled spots, and so.

Keep Your Furniture Away from Environmental Damage

Wood is one material that can be affected heavily by environmental aspects like heat, sunlight, moisture and so. Therefore, it is necessary that your furniture is kept from such vulnerabilities like near fireplace or vents, uncovered windows, and as such.

Know-How Much Commercial Product to Use

The polishes and sprays that you find in the market to be used with wooden furniture are great for adding a shiny finish to them. However, ingredients like silicone oil or petroleum distillates in such products can be damaging if you are using too much of such products which can attract dirt to develop a sticky, dull film over the wood.

Watch for Wear and Tear

Wear and tear is something that may happen with regular usage of the furniture over time. And it’s not just that, even with full care and protection wooden injury can happen to your furniture. The first thing is to ensure that your use of furniture is very delicate and caring so as to avoid chances of wear and tear as much you can. Secondly, for such instances, you can find products and methods like a painting that can be applied to the furniture to hide such blemishes.

Treat Tough Stains

In spite of your best efforts to keep your furniture away from any stains, it may happen. And this is the time when your knowledge of how to treat such stains will come in handy. The first thing to know is that the stain should be cleaned as fast and quickly as it can be. Cleaning stains can be done using a wide variety of home-based techniques as well as commercial products, specifically for the different types of stains.

Keep Your Wooden Furniture Smelling Fresh

When the wooden furniture gets old, it soon starts developing an unpleasant odor and smell which can become very nasty. This happens especially with furniture that isn’t in too much of use. Make sure to leave the wooden furniture out in the open, or you can use home-based items like baking soda, charcoal, or market-based products to keep any unpleasant smell away.

When browsing different sites to find contemporary furniture online stores make sure you are well-prepared to follow the right furniture caring and maintenance tips so as to keep your furniture in the best shape and health forever.