Forklift Lights
Small and sturdy vehicles used to transport, load, and unload heavy items within a warehouse are known as forklifts. These can perform their functions safely due to headlights and tail lights (also called brake lights). These lights' configurations are such that the headlights are present at the front and the tail lights at the rear.

The lights are also called forklift safety lights since their purpose is to increase overall safety during forklift operations. With these fittings, forklifts can project intense red or blue beams of light on the floor behind, ahead, or on the side of the vehicle’s path. To get these lights and other forklift accessories fitted onto forklifts, remember to call Panacea Aftermarket Co.

Top benefits of forklift lights

  • Make a clear border- A forklift is a hefty vehicle with a large turning radius. Any employee who needs to pay attention is capable of running into it. The staff must also stand carefully around it as it could quickly run over its feet. Even the rear swing of a forklift can cause serious accidents. So when a light is projected on the floor, pedestrians will be reminded to maintain a safe distance.
  • In combination with horns- As per a requirement by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), horns have to be compulsorily fitted with horns. Cross aisles are critical areas in the warehouse where visibility is hampered, so drivers must slow down here. They must use a combination of horns and lights to warn pedestrians.
  • Indicate speed of arrival- Both red and blue lights can indicate the direction from which the forklift is approaching and its rate.
  • Very durable- Forklift LED warning lights are immensely sturdy and are capable of withstanding severe vibrations and shocks. Unlike glass envelopes in incandescent and fluorescent light sources, there are no fragile components here. The wonders take place as the forklifts are devoid of traditional suspense systems.
  • Can be installed quickly- It takes little time to install these lights, which means minimum hours away from work. The lights come with a suitable housing material which makes them highly durable. Easy mount brackets allow them to be easily mounted onto the forklifts without drilling into the body.
  • LEDs do not need warm-up time- In comparison to other lighting sources, forklift LED lights use much less power. They do not have to warm up and can radiate light immediately after switching on.
  • Directed towards the floor- In the past, employees have complained about forklift lights hindering their ability to work with auto-darkening welding helmets. LED lights are always directed towards the bottom, allowing them to work efficiently.
  • Eco-friendly- LED lights can always be recycled, making these warning lights green and environment-friendly
  • Increases safety- Employees may be listening to loud music on headphones or being busy with cellphones sometimes. The intensity of safety lights is enough to warn them and give them adequate time to move out of the way.
  • Attractive prices- Reputed companies in the market sell these forklift LED lights at attractive prices, with special offers from time to time.

Choosing the best forklift parts

LED warning lights are not the only accessories required for forklifts. These vehicles also require a host of other parts, including radiators, forks, load backrests, cameras, alarms, and more. Here are the methods to choose the best features for the forklift:
  • Consider many options- Get a reasonable idea of the materials being used by different vendors before deciding on a particular supplier. Unless the products are exceptional, one should only buy from the first supplier after looking at other options. Other supplies may be better in terms of not just quality but deal as well. Feel free to take some time to make the decision after comparison.
  • Delivery mode – Remember to get information regarding freight charges on ordered products, along with their delivery times. The late arrival of a forklift part could even be responsible for a business loss at times.
  • Serial Number- Ensure that the Serial Number of the new spare part is compatible with the old Number. This is helpful for the supplier to match the amount.
  • Reasonably priced maintenance programs- Purchasing forklift parts at an affordable rate is essential, but more is needed. Maintenance of these parts should also be considered, as a reasonable price will allow the logistic operation to run successfully. An affordable price will also help maintain a stock of parts so that it doesn’t become necessary to run after the company when a piece goes wrong. Therefore, remember to inform the company about emergency logistic requirements. If this cannot be managed, it may be better to find a new vendor.