Being the capital of Germany, Berlin is renowned home to international festivals, universities, contemporary arts, and diverse architecture. While you know that it's a massive city, you'll only discover it when exploring the city on foot.

Whether you are planning to have a quick visit to the city, going for a week, or a month, there are certainly so many things you can do to explore the city truly. For people who want to see the true beauty of apartment in Berlin, like other cities like Cologne, Frankfurt, and Hamburg, there's a diverse mix of views to visit and enjoy its vibrant city.

Why Do People Love To Visit Berlin?

There are tons of reasons people keep coming back to Berlin due to the unique yet exciting experience it offers. However, since it's a gigantic city, touring by foot can be time-consuming, and finding alternatives if you have limited time around the city is advisable. Suppose you want to explore it from a new perspective. In that case, Team Events Berlin helps you rediscover the city while offering fun and engaging activities ideal for groups, teams, companies, families, or friends.

It's an excellent place to tour Europe. People love to visit Berlin because it ticks all the must-have factors of a perfect spot worth visiting and exploring. Berlin is known to have the following:
  • Amazing local cuisine
  • Killer nightlife view
  • Buzzing metropolis
  • Rich history
  • Remarkable museums and sights
  • World-class and popular beer
  • Touring around the city is affordable
  • There are significant events and festivals to look forward
  • Great street arts
  • A considerable number of public parks or green spaces to unwind and relax
  • Connects you to other stunning cities

Whether you're a backpacker, student, on a budget, or a city hunter, Berlin is an excellent place to visit with vibrant culture, rich history, events, and annual festivals you should never miss.

What To Do And Where To Go To Discover The Real Beauty of Berlin

Getting a closer look and the first-hand experience of the real beauty of Berlin requires time and effort. Since it's a vast city, going over for three days or during the weekend is not enough to roam around. If you plan to stay more or move into the city, here's how to get a better view of its stunning beauty.

Bike Ride/Tour

  • Berlin is a vast city, and one of the best ways to explore is by riding a bike or going for a bike tour around its walls. The town offers a cyclist lane, so you won't have to worry about getting struck by a car while roaming around.
  • Going with groups to tour the city by riding the bike is another option if you want a company. What's best about is a local will guide you and explain the beautiful spots you should see about the city's food, culture, and history.

Walking Tour

  • Europe is known to provide complimentary walking tours to help you explore Berlin's rich and vibrant history. You will need more than a day to explore the whole city.

Travel in Sections

  • The best way to explore and see the real beauty of Berlin is to travel in sections. You can plan your visit from one area to another instead of trying to cover point A going to point B. The process is a lot easier, and there is a slight small chance that you'll miss essential spots.

Eat Cheap

  • Checking the local cuisine allows you to see the beauty of the city truly. While most people who have been in the city may sound exaggerated about how cheap the local food is, it's less expensive than you'll expect and mouth-watering too.

Must-Visit Places in Berlin

  • The Berlin Wall
  • Alexanderplatz
  • Unter den Linden
  • Museumsinsel
  • Tiergarten Park
  • Reichstag (Parliament)
  • Berlin Zoo
  • Brandenburg Gate
  • Berlin Cathedral
  • Museum Island
  • Holocaust Memorial
  • Bellevue Palace
  • Charlottenburg Palace
  • Victory Column
  • Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church
  • KonzertHaus
  • Treptower Park
  • German History Museum
  • Tempelhof Park
  • DDR Museum
  • Checkpoint Charlie
  • Topography of Terror


There are still tons of places to visit in Berlin that might not be included in the list. As a city hunter and adventurer, whether you go by foot or bike, touring around allows you to understand the city's unique beauty and its diverse culture.

The next time you plan to visit the city, or if you have plans to visit the place with someone, or solo, you can take this guide with you to fully explore and discover the extraordinary beauty of Berlin and how it's connected to the world.