Office 365 is an excellent choice for all small business owners. It is suitable for any budget and convenient for any business type. The wide range of tools makes it easy for a business to work with experts worldwide. The manager can send out invites, and everyone from the team will be able to download them on their device. There are lots of add-ons available, so you can upgrade your app to suit your needs.

Office 365 has so many useful apps to boost your team’s productivity. It doesn’t matter if your team works from home or at the office, as apps are available for your specific needs.



A team is an excellent tool for remote working. It gathers the employees and is the perfect chat-enabled working space. This app makes it easy wThe team members can choose whether they prefer a video chat or messaging service. whether you want to have department or project meetings.

However, the best benefit is that this app allows you to access other apps without switching tabs. It is a digitalized center where users can chat and browse files simultaneously.


This tool from the office 365 app allows you to create a vision board and organize the teamwork. Each member will see their part of the task and the deadline. Once they are assigned a specific task, members will receive a notification. Everyone can track down the progress of the project with a simple interface.


Yammer is an app convenient for team building. It makes it easy for team members to practice informal communication and after-work activities. The concept is similar to social media, as you can post files and like other posts. It allows employees from different levels of management to come together.


As the name says, this app is for video streaming. Videos are a crucial part of digital communications, so this app is helpful for training and courses. Members can create channels or groups of people with whom to share videos.


The features of Outlook do not only include email. Members can access their inboxes and events and compose lists. It is easy for employees to share important documents between them, as the app integrates other 365 apps.


This app is cloud-based storage, which allows employees to store different types of files. It provides real-time access to multiple editors to ensure everything is clear. This is very useful, as you don’t need to create different document versions and wonder which one is the final. Members can also access the app when offline.


Sway has some mutual features with Powerpoint but offers a broader range of valuable tools. Employees can create visually appealing newsletters and presentations. The app is easy to use and allows anyone to create beautiful content appropriate for different purposes. Edit the file, apply layouts, download the PDF file, and share it with anyone from the team.