Trying to make more sales via email campaigns? Before launching any such campaign, ask yourself, how many times have you purchased after reading an email? Most likely, not that often. Obviously, every potential customer will have the same set of reasons for not buying as you did.

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Despite having an insignificant ROI, email campaigns are highly effective. Email campaigns help businesses connect with their clients on a personal level. If you are serious about email campaigns, this article will help run one and achieve your desired conversion goals.

Write Engaging Subject Lines

When your mail hits the recipient's inbox, the subject line is the first thing they see. This is why an engaging subject line is so important to boost open rates. Good subject lines should hook the recipients. Only if a subject line triggers their curiosity will they think of opening this email.

If you write a shady subject line, your recipients might mark your mail as spam. No business wants that. If they once mark your emails spam, the algorithm will send all your future emails straight to the spam box.

Along with motivating readers to open your email with the help of an engaging subject line, marketers should also try to invoke an emotional response from their recipients. Try to make them curious, happy, or excited. If you can get them elevated, your mails will lead to higher conversions.

Write A Preview Line That Completes the Subject Line

Along with subject lines, your email's preview lines are also important decisive factors that can affect open rates. If you have an informative and engaging preview line, your readers will be more encouraged to open any emails. Quality preview lines can have a positive effect not only on open rates; they might even engage your reader to view the whole message.

Depending on the subject and preview line, marketers can predict their recipients' behavior. Readers will either take your mail seriously or never open them.

While writing both subject and preview line, make sure you are limiting the volume to 30-140 characters. Sentences that exceed this character count might not appear on the screen. Bigger preview and subject lines only have a portion of their message visible. This is a bad thing if you are serious about getting more conversions from your emails.

Add a Personal Touch

Do not present marketing emails as if coming from a faceless entity. Consider adding an icon to your Gmail account; maybe even add a footer area that will contain important links to your social media accounts.

When writing a marketing email about certain products, address the issues this product can solve. Think like the user. Visualize how they use and interact with this product. Imagine advertised products in the context of users' homes. Understanding what your end customers need will give any email a personal touch.

Now, if you do not yet have a good email list, there is a great online tool that can help you build one from scratch. Signalhire is a marketing tool that lets you curate the contact information of your prospects' contact information. It provides you with anyone's email and phone number. Tools like this can help compile carefully targeted mailing lists, making sure your messages are sent to potentially interested recipients.

Add Visuals

Who does not like visuals? They are easy to understand and are quite entertaining. If you use visuals with marketing emails, you will have a greater chance of boosting email campaign conversion rates.

If you can, divide your email into multiple text areas and multiple image areas. Consider adding infographics if you have a dedicated graphics designer working for you. Infographics are effective because they share many qualities with visual diagrams and charts. They make any info easier to digest. If you can't add visuals, think of links to the videos on your YouTube channel.

According to a recent report, almost 50% of all people open their email inbox from mobile devices. You should use this trend to your advantage. Always make sure your emails are responsive across a vast number of devices. As a rule of thumb, keep your emails within a single column layout (600X640 Pixels). If you are good at coding, use CSS specifically for making emails mobile responsive.

Work on Quality Content

Along with keeping the quality of your email content up to the mark, you must also make sure it is concise. Always keep it short. But do not avoid adding all the relevant information in your mail. Try to explain your email essence using one short sentence.

Along with content quality, try to make your emails easily readable. Add multiple headings, and distribute the entire mail content across those different headings. To have greater readability, try to use a bigger font. Experiment with different font colors, if you want. But black is the most effective classic that works most of the time. And it also works with any design.

Try to use bullet points, and format important keywords as bold or italic.

And last but not least, place proper CTA buttons in your mail. The ultimate objective of your email might be to educate your recipients about a certain topic. But often, you might have to send emails to persuade your readers to take a certain action. For instance, to get more engagement in a new blog, you might send a newsletter with a redirection link to your blog page.

Pick an Occasion

The last aspect we want to talk about is when you should send the emails. Rather than picking a random time, you are better off sending your email at a certain time of the year. For instance, conduct an email campaign at Christmas. It does not mean that you can only mail people once a year. Still, a major holiday can play along with your prospective buyers' festive mood. Also, holidays are good times to introduce discounts and sell thematic goods.

If you have a special giveaway offer going on, send emails to inform your readers about how they can participate in this giveaway. Add a CTA button at the end of the email that redirects the recipients to the offer page.

Finally, analyze your open and conversion rates. Mark the techniques your customers respond well to and never stop searching for creative ways to engage with your audience. Effective email campaigns are about understanding your customers' behavior.