Wireless Car Charger
It is finally Friday and you are off for your weekend getaway. You are halfway through the long drive to your escape haven when you realize that you need your phone for the maps but it is almost out of power. As you start playing around with your charger and cable, you realize how much easier it would be if you could only have a wireless car charger.

Wireless technology has only been available to charge our devices since around 2012. Wireless technology is incredible for its convenience. Unfortunately, though, it still offers slower charging times than with a normal wired charger. To give you an idea, your average wireless charger operates at around 8W. This power allows you to charge your phone in about two and a half hours, according to Apple. This can take up to 4 hours of charging with the more common 5W chargers. However, with new wireless car chargers now dealing with up to 15W, you can halve your charging times.

wireless car charger

How do you get the world's fastest Wireless Car Charger?

  • Qi wireless technology
  • Certified
You can expect to see the word “qi” when you are looking for a wireless car charger. Qi, pronounced “chee”, is a Chinese word that means “air” or “energy flow”. The word now refers to the wireless world standard created in 2008 by the Wireless Power Consortium. This collaborative industry group was set up to ensure a global standard, including safety as a top priority, and today, all major companies are members. You will see on their website that they currently offer today's standard wireless speed at 15W. This does not mean that companies cannot conduct their own technology research. Today some are even emerging that offer 20W.

Top Advantages of a Wireless Car Charger

  • Safety
  • Convenience
Wireless car chargers are a particularly attractive piece of technology because of the safety aspect. You do not have to fiddle around with cables which most of us still try to do whilst driving. We know full well that it is dangerous but somehow we all have that “it will not happen to me” mentality. In terms of charging speed, however, a wireless charger pales in comparison to wired chargers. With wired chargers operating at around 45 to 55 watts, you are therefore forced to consider the other features of wireless technology. For example, the benefits of the safety and convenience of a wireless car charger far outweigh the disadvantages of slower charging when in a car.

Examples of Companies that offer the fastest 15W wireless car charger

  • Mcdodo,
  • Baseus
  • Fiora
Today, Chinese companies such as Xiaomi, Oppo, and OnePlus are now offering 20W charging. However, these only work with their own branded phones. If you want a versatile wireless car charger to work with any phone then you need to look at the 15W category. This is currently the fastest available option within the world industry standard as set by the Wireless Power Consortium. The products have therefore been tested and certified and you can be assured of their safety.

A Brief Comparison

However, when looking for a versatile wireless car charger, the industry’s fastest one is Fiora’s, as stated by Cell Unlocker. You could also test out the wireless car charger from Baseus, another Chinese company. They claim that their charging speeds are 1.15 times faster than any other. Interestingly though, Mcdodo, another Chinese company, claims they can charge your phone to 50% in an hour.

Nevertheless, other features as well as the speed can also be important. For example, how easy it is to mount it in your car, ease of use and price might also be considerations. This is where the ultimate wireless car charger with Fiora steps in again.

The Ultimate Package

With Fiora’s ultimate wireless car charger, you can expect faster speeds due to its 15W power. You also get to enjoy their automatic phone lock with several mountable options and a has a built-in camera available through a downloadable app. In fact, PC World even tested the charging speed for us and placed Fiora at the top of their list. They report that an iPhone was charged to around 38% after an hour which beat the majority of the others hands down.


So how do we answer the question “what is the world’s fastest wireless car charger”? Yes, you can opt for a peripheral company and its charger and perhaps reach 20W. However, within the 15W category, as advised by industry standards, Chinese companies appear to be leading the curve.

Mcdodo seems to offer the world’s fastest wireless car charger. This is closely followed by products from Fiora and Baseus. However, remember to consider the product as a whole. Yes, speed is important but so is the ease of use which is where the choice becomes more personal.

Rest assured that 15W qi is your high-quality standard. With that aspect taken care of, you simply need to decide what features appeal to you the most. Whether you choose Fiora, Baseus, or Mcdodo to ensure you get today’s fastest 15W charging speed, you will not regret your wireless car charger when you next get to drive off to your escape haven. You can enjoy the drive with peace of mind when it comes to your devices.