Finding the right leggings can be challenging, and certainly you should not give up comfortable wear when getting a pair. It is important to invest in pieces that are stylish, but that does not mean to focus only on the glittery side of this must-have wardrobe piece.

Sometimes leggings can be beautiful, but not comfortable, stretchy or not breathable... the list goes on! Keep reading to learn what you need to consider when shopping for the right leggings for you.

Are leggins different from tights?

If leggings have now become a basic to have in your wardrobe, not all women know how to show off them. The reason is simple: its tight-fitting effect does not forgive any fashion faux pas. Yet leggings are probably one of the easiest pieces of clothing to pair with if you know how to do it.

For a very long time, tights were the feminine product that made it possible to wear skirts even in winter. But the advent of leggings was nonetheless a small sartorial revolution. More practical, they are put on in no time in the same way as pants.

Leggings are thicker and warmer in the winter than simple thin tights. Since they have no feet they are more comfortable to wear all day... and this is a huge advantage.

What about the material?

First of all, you have to pay special attention to the material in which your leggings are made. Choose a stretchy fabric that will allow you to move in all directions. Also, make sure the fabric is breathable and comfortable. Avoid rough fabrics! And why not make sure your leggings are also made from an eco-friendly fabric? 

The desired waist height

Another factor to consider is the rise or height of the leggings belt over your hips and waistline. For example, leggings for sport with high waist help maintain safety and better comfort during your workout.

Choose high waist leggings for an intense session such as HIIT or for squatting. If you are not doing these very strenuous activities, you can opt for yoga leggings or more relaxed leggings.

Are short leggings trendy or not?

Another point not to be overlooked when choosing your leggings: the length. Indeed, chosen too short, it can quickly become sports pants. It will also tend to cut the leg, and that is a must-go for long tops for styling the look.

Cycling shorts are very fashionable this season and they are great for wearing under Summer dresses and avoiding inner-thigh chafing. When it comes to an elegant look, pick a fairly long leggings model that goes down to the ankles.

Find the right fit

Unlike your everyday clothes, your leggings need to be tight and snug. Clothing that is too loose will rub against your skin and may cause irritation. Who wants to spend their time pulling up those leggings after every step? Instead, opt for tailored leggings and make sure you choose the right size.

Pair leggings with loose tops

Be careful, cotton leggings are not quite pants! To be comfortable all day, it's best to wear it with loose-fitting tops so that they fall below the buttocks and aren't too revealing. Light boyfriend shirt in autumn, wide sweater in winter and loose t-shirt in summer, leggings have the advantage of adapting to all seasons!

Yes, leggings can be chic!

Do not be afraid to think outside the box and treat yourself to original leggings. Transparent, printed, vinyl, checked... Leggings are nowadays pants in their own right and not to take advantage of the multitude of possibilities available to you would be a real shame. Not a fan of couture leggings? So combine your black cotton leggings with shoes that clash!

Leggings often rhyme with comfort, so you can forget about high heels which will be far too sophisticated if we are not in the mood to walk in them. As fashion evolves, no one will blame you for stepping outside with a casual look. Instead, go for metallic or leopard-print sneakers that will add a trendy touch to a relatively simple look.