Ironing Board
Today, there are many types of ironing boards, from the most traditional to those that can be wall mounted or are multifunctional. Regardless of the size of your house or apartment, there is an ideal model for you the best wall-mounted ironing board at our store

With all this variety, we will help you choose the best wall-mounted ironing board for your needs. Read on to learn about the best models, advantages and disadvantages, prices and features that you should evaluate before buying!

The 4 Best Ironing Boards

With the variety of boards, deciding which one is the best for you is not an easy task. To help you with this mission, we have separated the 4 best and most popular models available on the market. Take a look at the rankings below:

1. Ironing Table with Multifunctional Ladder Mor

Despite the slightly higher price, this Mor ironing board makes up for its multi-functionality.Ideal for those who do not have much storage space at home, the multifunctional ironing table, in addition to being ideal for ironing, is also a ladder with three steps lined with non-slip sandpaper.

Its structure is robust, made of steel with rubber tips to guarantee a better fixation to the floor. It has an iron stand and comes with a felt-lined aluminized polyester cover.

2. Tramontina Ironing Board

The Tramontina ironing board promises a lot of strength and quality. In addition, it has a distinctive and modern design.Made of solid wood, it's lightweight and practical, and it's super easy to store. It has a metal support for the iron and a thermal cloth that covers the board.

3. Articulated Ironing Board

In an articulated model, this ironing board is practical and very easy to store. Ideal for installation in small laundries, it comes with screws and plugs for fixing.You install it on the wall and only use it to lift the board. Supports up to 12 kg and comes with thermal coating. The board is small, ideal for those who live alone or as a couple.

4. Folding Ironing Board

The Utila├žo ironing board is sturdy and has an ironing cover and an ironing stand. Its reinforced tubular steel frame promises greater durability and strength.In addition, it offers more security by containing anti-slip tips that prevent accidents. The model has three height adjustments.
What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of the Ironing Board?

Ironing boards were very popular with our parents and grandparents, but they are becoming increasingly obsolete among young people. However, there are still many people who do not give up.

The biggest advantage of the ironing board is that your clothes always look soft and look good. For social workers, for example, this may be a necessity, as they barely catch up on a wrinkled shirt meeting.

It is very difficult to get a perfect shirt by ironing somewhere else, like in bed. Also, the ironing board helps make your clothes more hygienic, especially the most intimate ones. With the intense heat of the iron it is possible to eliminate any bacteria or fungus that remains on the clothes.

There are also the multipurpose tables that also come with a built-in closet. This gives you not only an ironing board, but also a place to store whatever you want.

That old-fashioned ironing board concept is no more, there are even models that turn even a ladder.

Among their disadvantages is the space they occupy (although currently there are models that can already be installed on the wall, saving space).


  • Keeps your clothes soft and in good condition
  • Make your clothes more hygienic
  • Some tables come with a built-in cabinet or ladder, and are multi-functional


  • Occupy space

Factors to Compare the Best Models of Ironing Boards

There are a few different types of ironing boards in stores. To find out if you are buying the right model for you, here are some things to keep in mind:
  • Ironing board type
  • Structure material
  • accessories
  • Ergonomics
  • Size

Ironing Board Type

There are 3 main types of ironing boards suitable for different needs and spaces: folding, hinged, and recessed.
  • Folding ironing board:This is the most common and easy to find in stores. It's that folding ironing board that you can store however you want and use in any room. Because it is easy to store, it is ideal for those who like to store it or iron their clothes in different places.
  • Articulating Ironing Board: For those who live in a small house or apartment, this type may be ideal. This plate must be nailed to the wall. At the time of use, please lift the board, and when finished, lower it. Its advantage is that it is not necessary to find extra space to store it.
  • Ironing board with built-in wardrobe: It is also very useful for those with a small house. It comes with built-in cabinet, it has multifunction. In addition to ironing your clothes, you can store whatever you want, such as floor clothes or cleaning products.