Have you recently purchased your dream motorcycle from another state and want to ship it to your location? Motorcycle shipping is usually the most convenient and stress-free method for transporting your bike.

Choosing A Shipping Company

There are many motorcycle shipping services in the market today and searching for them as well as requesting for quotes is very time-consuming. This is where Shiply, an online shipping platform can help you. Shiply can connect you to a list of their rated motorcycle shipping companies. By just filling up the details about your delivery, you can sit back and relax because the quotes will be sent to your mailbox instantly. This makes it easy for you to compare prices, types of services and check reviews of the companies until you find one that is right for you. Do keep in mind to choose a reliable motorcycle shipping company that has the required experience, insurance and reputation to help you complete the job quickly and safely.

Once you have selected the motorcycle shipping company, you will be offered a few options on how you want your motorcycle to be shipped. Below is a short explanation of the different types of shipping methods:-
  • Enclosed Shipping - This way of transport is the safest way to ship a motorbike because your bike will be transported in an enclosed container which will protect it from the elements and transport hazards. This method is also the most expensive way to ship a bike.
  • Open Air Motorcycle Transport - This method works great if you are moving short distances or in a hurry to ship your bike from one place to another. Open Air motorcycle transport is cheaper than enclosed shipping.

Cost of Shipping Your Motorcycle

The cost to transport your motorcycle is based on several factors such as follows:-

The size and weight of your motorbike will definitely have an impact on the shipping cost. Models that weigh somewhere between 200 and 300 pounds are considered lightweight, while larger and heavier ones weigh approximately 500 pounds. Transporting heavier vehicles will cost more.

The cost of shipping a motorcycle will vary based on distance. Obviously, the further the distance, the higher is the shipping price

The time of the year also plays a part in the cost of shipping. There are actually certain times of the year where transporting a motorcycle is more expensive like winter months where an enclosed trailer is required to protect the vehicle from snow.

Prepare Your Motorcycle For Shipping

  • Check your bike well and look out for signs of scratches, dents or any pre-existing damage.
  • Clean your motorcycle and make sure there is no dirt or soil deposits on the wheels or tires.
  • If your bike is in working condition, do check the fluids, battery, tire pressure and etc.
  • Remove all accessories, detachable or loose items and turn off the alarm. Store the items safely.
  • You should only have up to ¼ tank of gas during shipping
Take photos of your motorcycle at the drop off location or before it is picked up by the trucking company.