Budget Kitchen

These days, homeowners increasingly make kitchen renovations by adding a backsplash to their kitchen. The best part about a home or kitchen renovation is to display different materials and styles with tile installation because with that you can add an aesthetic look as you wish and get a chance to update your kitchen appeal by choosing cool and fancy backsplashes in Connecticut. Get in touch, if you're a homeowner in the area and seeking kitchen renovations including a backsplash. But choosing a kitchen backsplash tile is as challenging as choosing a dress to wear at a party. To make your selection process easy, we have given a list of the top four most popular kitchen backsplash tiles below. Reading these will decrease the choices and your confusion. 

Galena Green Lantern Tile

This one is a fantastic tile for kitchen backsplashes. This galena green tile offers a glossy finish, and its shiny texture makes it perfect for creating mosaics in your kitchens. This tile comes in three delightful colours: white, midnight green, and warm beige. This tile is not only best for your kitchen backsplashes but also for your bathroom walls. Many hotels and resorts use this tile in their bathrooms to make them look luxurious and beautiful. Talking about the price, this bathroom-Kitchen tile is budget-friendly and costs around $14.99 / per sheet. 

Bermuda Sand Random Brick

If you are a big fan of glass tiles, then you'll surely be going to love these tiles. You can very easily create a beautiful glass tile backsplash using this option. The bright texture of this tile will make your kitchen look more bright, attractive, and artistic. The reason why it can make your kitchen look brighter is because of its polished reflective surface. These tiles have the property to reflect and scatter light. So, if your kitchen has fewer lights, using this backsplash tile would be an ideal choice. Although these tiles look very expensive, their actual price will shock you. At a reputed online store, you can purchase these tiles for approximately $25.94 / per sheet.

Droplets Camo Rain Brown

This one is another amazing glass tile that you can use for your kitchen backsplash. Here are some significant features of this tile that will give you an idea of whether you should buy it or not:
  • It has a lustrous surface. This means it’s easy to clean and only one wipe is enough to remove all the stains and dirt.
  • The raindrop design is very charming and can attract the eyes of your guests.
  • Whether you have decided to adopt a luxury kitchen theme or the classic one, this tile fits every theme and colour pattern.
  • Besides, you can also use a combination of white ceramic tiles, and these droplets camo rain brown tiles to create a unique and divine backsplash.
  • The price of this aesthetic tile is around $24.19 / per sheet.

Subway Tiles

Everyone loves subway tiles. And the biggest reason for their popularity is the price. Subway tiles are one of the most affordable tiles that you can use for your kitchen backsplash. Another fantastic thing about these tiles is the designs and colour options. These tiles are available in almost all bright colours and designs like sky blue, white, light green, and many more. Different variants have different prices. If you have a nice budget to spend, then these subway tiles are perfect for you: Glossy Sharkskin Porcelain, Crystal Oasis Aqua, Glossy Lilac Glass, and Wooden Grey-Brown subway tile.

Final Words

So, these were our top four most popular kitchen backsplash tiles that you can consider shopping for. We hope you like our suggestions, and if you want to purchase all the above tiles at the budget price, do visit The Oasis Tile online store.