Click-Through Rate
In today’s competitive era, no business can survive without having an online presence. Social media portals such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat are now used more for advertisement than they are for getting socially connected with others.

Digital marketing campaigns are consuming a major chunk of marketing expenses of companies since it is known to produce fruitful results.

Apart from digital marketing, relying on the services of the top SEO specialist in New York is also important to create a formidable digital presence.

Click through Rate (CTR) is an important part of digital marketing campaigns, still not many people know about it in detail. For the uninitiated, CTR is a metric that helps in measuring how many clicks on an advertisement or link are made.

It is used for assessing the success of a marketing campaign. Also, you can use it for determining the effectiveness of digital ads and email.

A common misconception is that high CTR means emails or advertisements are effective. Well, this is not true. If your click-through is not encouraging users to purchase, it means you are not targeting the right audience.

Are you thinking about how to get good CTR? Here are we sort out some methods to help you.

Go with Structured Data

If you want to increase CTR, you must focus on structured data. For those who are confused, structured data is the interactive and rich content can be found on the top of SERP.

For instance, you want to search for the best movies in 2019. You will get a list of best movies determined by Google. When you have structured data, it will help you stand out and encourage organic clicks.

Keywords Are Important

It is one of the simplest ways to get high CTR. We all know keywords are a key part of SEO strategy and they are crucial for blogs and articles. And keep in mind is that your keywords must be specific.

When you research long-tail keywords, you will increase the number of organic queries. For instance, you have started a baking business and want to target an audience looking for cupcakes for an event.

If you use the keyword “cupcake”, it will be broad. What you need is a specific long-tail keyword.

In this case, you can go for something like special cupcakes for a birthday or event. It will help you reach the right and targeted audience.

Through this, you might lose clicks and impressions; however, CTR will be high.

Meta Descriptions Are Crucial

Meta descriptions are important as they tell the visitor what to expect from the link. Not many people focus on it, which is a huge mistake. That is because an effective Meta description will directly impact the click-through rates.

Consider it as your elevator pitch to the potential client. It is a great opportunity to reach your potential customers that you must not waste.

Local Optimization of Your Content

Localized SEO is great for your business and can produce high CTR. Since people, mostly, use their mobile devices to search for something, there has been a shift in how search results are displayed.

Now, the search results show information depending on their location. It is useful for increasing click through the way.

We recommend you register your business at Google My Business (GMB). It helps in displaying the map location of your business above the search engine results. The customers can view your operating hours, website, directions, phone number, and location,

All in all, by being more creative with your Meta descriptions, researching long-tail keywords, using structured data, and optimizing for local SEO, you can see an increase in CTR and ROI.

Another crucial factor here is to have your website designed by professionals. All the effort you had put in to improve CTR will go down the drain if the website doesn’t have an appealing design.

Even if the users have reached the landing page with the help of your marketing campaigns, they won’t make any purchase due to the lackluster design.

Statistics also show that a website that has an appealing design has more potential to compel users to make a transaction.

So, it is imperative to hire the best web design agencyand give your business’s website an attractive look.