HVAC Systems
It is during the long, cold winter days and nights that the HVAC system of your customers becomes the most important piece of equipment around their home. An HVAC system that operates well will allow them to feel warm and comfortable in their homes.

However, there’s more to providing a comprehensive winter maintenance service to your customers than just helping increase the comfort in their home. A system that runs well will keep their energy bills low and improve the indoor air quality.

In order to ensure your customers receive the best possible winter maintenance service for their HVAC systems, make sure you include the following on your maintenance list.

Changing the air filter

You should always change the air filter of your customers’ HVAC equipment during a winter maintenance service. Also, you should instruct your customers to keep checking their air filter on a monthly basis to make sure it’s clean, and to contact you to change it if necessary. HVAC air filters should not go longer than three months without being replaced.

Cleaning the vents

Also, when replacing the air filter on the HVAC system, make sure you also thoroughly clean all the vents. Clean vents will allow the warm air to flow more freely through the vents, improving temperature regulation in the entire home.

Installing a programmable thermostat

The right temperature for a home depends on whether there are any people in it at the time. Advise your customers to install a programmable thermostat that will allow them to lower the temperature when they leave the house in order to reduce the strain on the system and reduce energy consumption.

Insulating the attic

The problem with HVAC system inefficiency isn’t always about the system itself, but rather with the attic of your customers’ home. In order for a system to be able to operate at maximum capacity, your customers need to properly insulate their attic to stop the warm air from escaping.

When the attic is adequately insulated it will allow your customers’ HVAC equipment to work less trying to maintain a comfortable room temperature. Sometimes, even when you find the best product for your customer’s home, it can still run with poor efficiency because of bad attic insulation.

Replacing the system

If your customer’s HVAC system is more than 10 or 15 years old, there may be little your winter maintenance can do to prepare it for the cold winter that is coming. Sometimes, replacement is the only viable long-term option, no matter how costly it may initially seem.

It’s better to pay a bit more for a modern high-efficiency HVAC solution, than continue to pour money down the drain because your customer’s current system is operating poorly and is costing them a fortune in energy bills.