Trustworthy Product

When searching for a product to purchase, people often use customer reviews as a method to make the right selection. The more positive the consumer reviews are, the more likely the individual may be to purchase the product. Consumer reviews are easy to find on social media and online stores.

However, about 39% of these online reviews are fake and totally unreliable. For consumers to be able to find a reliable product that meets their needs, there are certain things you need to be on the lookout for when perusing customer reviews. Let’s find out how you can find trustworthy product information using consumer reviews.

Check Different Media

Most consumers make the mistake of verifying product information from consumer reviews on one platform. Many e-commerce businesses have websites and social media platforms, and you should be just as willing to check these channels as you are analyzing customer reviews.

Doing this will enable you to see if the product information you gleaned from the consumer reviews on the online store is similar to those found on the social media channels. If you find that there are some differences, you should be suspicious that the product isn't what it’s portrayed to be.

Video Testimonials Over Written Reviews

A video testimonial is more trustworthy to offer you product information than a text review. A video testimonial makes it more difficult to fabricate reviews, and there are often product demonstrations to prove the product works. Although video testimonials can be done by professional reviewers, you will be able to see that they have used the product, rather than taking their written word for it.

Well Structured Review

Another way to find trustworthy product information through customer reviews is by looking out for reviews that are well-structured. Most professional reviewers and fake reviews sound generic, are not properly worded, and often use repetitive phrases and dramatic language to sway potential customers to take action.

An authentic review is structured in a unique way, and touches on some of the positive and negative features of the product. Watch out for reviews that are well worded, as they will provide you with reliable product information.

Specific Features

A consumer who used a product won’t leave out any essential details in their review. A good product review will include testimonials about features such as product size, functionality, downsides (if any), and more. Detailed information about the product and its features is necessary in a review to provide consumers with the necessary information for their decision.

Verified Purchases

In a move to curtail the soaring growth of fake reviews, many ecommerce sites like Amazon have designed a system where purchases are verified. This way, the consumer will be able to purchase before they can review the bought product. This implies that you can trust the consumer testimonials of the product purchased and reviewed are verified. With this feature, you can trust the product information you see in the testimonials.


To find product information that is trustworthy using customer reviews, you have to be sure that the reviews are authentic, original, and informative. Make an effort to check different media channels, look out for pictures, videos testimonials, and well-structured reviews. These tips will help you to gain the necessary information you need about a product. Be sure that you stick to these tips whenever you are making online purchases to avoid making mistakes that will cost you in the long run.