beating winter

Autumn and winter never come alone, as they bring even more dark hours with them. So what are the people doing in the dark after the job is done? We are going to consider some decent and popular activities, which can help to prevent seasonal SADness and bring some unforgettable emotions.

When it’s getting dark our body gets ready to sleep or at least to have a nap, and it's a normal reaction. But we shouldn't give in! Sleeping more just because it’s dark outside is not the option.

1. Creativity

As autumn and winter are melancholic seasons which is good for any creativity. Many people start their blogs or write novels and poems or just copywriting for popular niches like gaming at If you are not good at writing you can set up a YouTube or Twitch channel (yeah, the most popular of genZ & millennials top hobbies) I or organize your photography. Others learn how to make beautiful cards, scrapbook layouts or hand-made decorations. Autumn is rich in colours and palette, which may inspire you to test your painting skills or if you are fond of music, start learning an instrument.

2. Plan regular activities with friends

You can organise DIY evenings with making prints for your T-shirts (dreaming about hot summer days), knitting or cooking. Why not kick off movie nights with airy popcorn and drinks? You can even plan a book club and discuss your latest good read, which leads us to the next step.

3. Read more books

British people adore diving into the world of fiction stories. Reading in the list of GEN Z and MILLENNIALS TOP HOBBIES IN 2020. So why not make a list of books and push the limits of your imagination, by strolling through pages of a fascinating book?

4. Do sports

Staying active is really important especially when there is a risk of being infected by autumn-winter moodiness. There is no need to visit the Gym anymore, you can bring it into your room by finding a nice video on YouTube. It doesn’t matter if it’s yoga, intense workout or relaxing stretching. What really matters is regularity.

5. Don’t stay in

Go for a walk even if the weather says “No, stay at home!”. Breathe fresh air, clear your head and see other people or if it will be difficult to do it because of the fog, you can start a quest. British people are known for their love of pubs. There is nothing better than spending Friday nights with friends in a cosy local pub.

6. Plan your next holiday

A great way to help you forget about the gloomy weather outside is to start planning your next journey. Whether you want to start a summer trip abroad or start planning adventures anywhere and anytime of the year, it doesn't matter what your budget is.

7. Play games

Some people say it’s a silly way to spend your spare time. Don’t listen to them. Everybody likes playing games, especially nowadays when the world offrs a bunch of different types and genres of games. You can choose an intellectual board game to boost your brain, an Xbox video game to immerse yourself in action or playing free las vegas slot machines online to try your luck or to get some money for the previous plan step.

And remember: we cannot increase the number of clear days or extend daytime, but we definitely can spend it in the most memorable ways. Bring the light into your life by lighting candles or lanterns, gather family or friends around a bonfire under the stars and roast marshmallows. It’s up to you to make your winter days lighter and warmer.