lungs detoxifying
Simply we all know that role of the lungs is to bring air into the body, and after separation, it supplies oxygen into the rest of the body. Things start when we first inhale the oxygen, it travels down the trachea, or commonly known as the windpipe. The windpipe then splits into 2 streams, leading into the left and the right lungs. Both lungs function the same but are interestingly are not of the same size. If you spend a lot of time in dust and pollution pro areas, it is suggested to consume best supplement for lung health Apart from respiration there are other things that lungs do for our body. Few more important functions of lungs which makes one detoxify it regularly are :
  • Protective : The lungs can sometimes work as a shock repellant for the heart.
  • Protection from infections : The membranes within the lungs secrete immunoglobulin, which protects the lungs from multiple infections.
  • pH balance : Increament in the intake of carbon dioxide makes the body acidic . The lungs detect this increament and hence, increase the rate of exhalation .
  • Blood bank : Lungs can accommodate the amount of blood according to the bodily need. It also keeps a check on heart .
  • Filtering : Lungs also help in the filtering of air by removing minute air particles .
  • Mucociliary clearance : The dust and dirt particles struck in respiratory track dissolved in mucus . Are removed to protect the lungs by removing the unwanted pathogen in the air .
Lungs look after us in different ways, in order to pay back the service. We must also look after it . Harmful habit and unhealthy diet could make our lungs weak , inviting several unwanted diseases such as :
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) - This is caused by the consumption of tobacco smoking leading to lung cancer . The consumption causes detoriation of health and destruction of tissues protecting lungs .
  • Lungs infections- Lungs are sensitive . Small things could lead into something drastic. Air pollution , eating with dirty hand, etc could harm lungs , resulting in infection .
  • Asthma - This non - communicable is not yet clear on its spread and not it originates in a person . No clear answer is provided yet on why some suffers while others don't . The disease shows the shortness of breath in a person .
  • Many more disease could be found in a unhealthy lungs . When something become toxic its cleaning becomes one priority, whether mind , life , etc.
The same case should be with our body as well . The cleaning if toxic lungs should be the priority. Luckily our lungs are self cleaning organs , it heal itself ones the consumption of harmful intake stops . There are many ways also to detoxify the lungs, some of them are :

1) Exercise

It is vital for both mental and physical health. There are several breath controlling exercises that makes the body work harder . After the exercise our body require more oxygen resulting exhaling more carbon dioxide which makes our body improves the function and make it less toxic.

2) Green tea

One of the benefits of green tea is it detoxifies the lungs. A study says that drinking green tea twice a day helps in better functioning of the lungs. As it has Antioxidants present that protests the lungs tissues from harmful smoke and inflammation

3) Food

Correct diet is important for the functioning of the entire body .There are many foods , if added in your diet could help in keeping the lungs healthy. Food rich in Vitamin-D are considered healthy , including the salmon, etc . Some help in reducing the inflammation are turmeric , leafy vegetables , olives , beans and many more.

4) Air Purifier

In today's rush clean air is a luxury. Especially in the capitals or metropolitan cities. Air is the most important thing one needs more than anything, without clean air no exercise, drink or food will work. And since the rate of air pollution increase day by day , air purifier comes as a savior . It removes all the harmful and unwanted particles from the air.

The are many more things we should do for the sake of health . Let's start with quitting smoking and consumption of alcohol and tobacco , if addicted to it .