Do you have an unsightly scar that won't fade away? Almost everyone has a spot or two. Whether from injury, pregnancy, or weight loss, these marks can cause feelings of insecurity. Some people even become depressed because they think their scars will never disappear.

While scars are challenging to eliminate, some proven ways exist to reduce or eliminate them for good.

And we're not talking about old wives' tales, either. We will give you some scar remedies that have been researched and confirmed to remove scars in a few days—even those old scars you thought would never disappear.

You don't have to live with your scars anymore. You don't have to cover up with makeup or find an excuse not to wear a bathing suit. Try these remedies and be free of your scars for good. 


One of the quickest and most affordable ways to get rid of scars is using a skincare technique called microneedling

This technique requires no cosmetics, chemicals, or pharmaceuticals. It's 100% natural, and studies have shown it can reduce scarring in days.

So, what is microneedling?

This skincare treatment involves making thousands of tiny punctures on the scarred area of your skin. While these punctures are too small to be seen or cause pain, they make enough of an impression to trigger your body's immune response.

In response to the punctures, your body boosts collagen and elastin production to repair the affected skin area. Because the punctures are so small, your body produces more than enough proteins for the job. This also allows it to heal other skin conditions in the affected area. This includes scars.

Microneedling is like pressing the reset button on your skin. Age lines and wrinkles fade, blemishes disappear, and many scars vanish forever.

And it's super easy to do at home.

All you need is a microneedling tool. The #1 brand in Australia, where microneedling is famous, is DermRollers. This microneedling tool is about the size of a shaving razor and is made of medical-grade titanium.

All you need to do is roll the wheel across your scar for 2 minutes twice a week. Your scars will start to fade away almost immediately.

In one study on using a microneedling tool like DermRollers for acne scarring, researchers noted that it "has an immediate effect in improving acne rolling scars."

Microneedling with DermRollers can reduce and remove scarring from:
  • Acne
  • Burns
  • Surgery
  • Injury
  • Stretch marks
If you've been trying to remove scars without success, microneedling with DermRollers is the answer. It's the only technique that uses the power of your immune system to revitalize your skin to its former beauty.

Learn more about eliminating your scars with DermRollers here. 
Silicone Gel

Silicone Gel

Silicone is one of the most researched and popular ways to reduce certain types of scarring.

Several silicone gels can be quickly and safely applied to the skin. The gel is clear and delicate, so it can be applied publicly and is safe to use on your face.

It works by sealing moisture into the skin without blocking the skin's access to fresh air. Silicone is a unique material in that it forms a protective seal, but it's also porous and allows air to pass through.

When your skin receives more moisture, it can heal the tiny cracks in the skin that makeup scars.

Many studies have found that silicone is an effective way to shrink scars and a pretty affordable option. While silicone isn't known for obliterating spots, it can drastically reduce them.

You can buy Silicone gel over the counter, but using it correctly requires commitment. Unlike the DermRollers tool, which you only need to use a couple of times a week, silicone gel must be applied twice a day for up to 3 months. It's also recommended that you massage the scarred area with the gel for 10 minutes each time you apply it.

If you have the time to do this, it's worth a shot. But if you forget to apply the gel, it might be a waste of money. 

Onion Extract

You might think we're entering the realm of old wives' tales by recommending onions for scar removal, but there have actually been studies done that show how this natural remedy really works.

One study found that onion extract reduced the overall appearance of scars after just one month.

It works because onion has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that reduce swelling and redness. This makes it effective at helping to prevent new scars, but it can also shrink down old scar tissue, reducing scarring from stretch marks, burns, and more.

Most onion extracts contain onion juice and other organic and synthetic compounds. To use it, just rub it on the affected skin every day for 2-3 months.

When removing scars entirely, onion extract is up to the task… but only for new spots. Older scars can be diminished somewhat with onion extract, but not completely.

While onion extract might not have the scar-fighting power of DermRollers or silicone, it's still effective. This is a good option if you're looking for a natural topical product to improve your scars.


An exfoliant is a substance that removes the top layer of dead skin from your body. These are commonly found in cosmetic serums and creams, and there are also exfoliating procedures you can have done at the dermatologist.

As you can imagine, removing a layer of skin that contains scar tissue can improve your skin's look and reduce the scar's impact.

But exfoliating does a lot more than that. Exfoliating stimulates and invigorates the skin, promoting enzyme protein production and increasing blood flow. This brings more oxygen to the skin and supercharges your body's repair mechanisms.

Not all exfoliating products will work. Studies have found that certain exfoliants can reduce scarring and improve your look. But the keyword here is "certain."

In fact, the only types of exfoliants that reduce scarring are chemical varieties that contain glycolic acid or a combo of salicylic-mandelic acid. These chemicals are not natural, but they are considered safe.

If you want to be cautious, you can make an exfoliation appointment with a dermatologist. There is evidence that these treatments are also effective at reducing scars, and you'll be putting your skin in the hands of professionals.

However, if you like natural treatments, try DermRollers or onion extract instead.

Say Goodbye to Scars for Good

Stop making excuses. Stop hiding behind makeup and jewelry. Stop wearing long sleeves when it's hot outside.

With the techniques on this list, you can be free of your scars and show the world the real you.

Of all the techniques we've seen, we'd recommend microneedling with DermRollers as our top pick. DermRollers is easy to use, safe, 100% natural, and requires little time or effort. The others all require multiple daily applications or the use of chemical acids.

We don't want to deal with the hassle or health risks if we don't have to. DermRollers are now on sale for 40% off the retail price to make things even better. Grab one now if you want to see actual results fast.

Are you ready to say goodbye to your scars forever? Don't let another day go by without trying one of the above treatments!