A scooter is relatively a convenient vehicle. Also, they are easily affordable for transportation. Cruising around in scooters enables you to cut through traffic easily. In the fleet of vehicles, you can reach a destination faster saving a huge amount of when you have a scooter.

Since you are here, you must be planning on buying a scooter to make traveling easier. If you are looking around 50cc and 150cc, and can’t make up your mind, we can help you out!

Ways 50cc and 150cc Scooters Differ

Here, we have set down the differences between 50cc and 150cc scooters. When you will notice the differences clearly, you can choose a scooter that suits your purpose and lifestyle.  Let’s dive in so you can decide on the scooter you would like to buy.

Power of The Engine

The bigger the engine is the more powerful your vehicle is. 150cc scooters have more powerful engine in relation to 50cc scooters. For you information, bigger engines don’t always have more efficiency.


You can’t expect much speed from 50cc scooters since they are not built that way. And, this takes us to the power of the engine. In contrary, 150cc scooters can have a satisfactory speed as they bear bigger engines.

Miles Per Hour

50cc scooters render speed from 30 to 40 mph. In contrast, 150cc can provide you more speed since it has an engine that is more powerful than a 50cc scooter.  The highest speed you can expect from 150cc scooters is 60mph.

Fuel Efficiency: Miles Per Gallon

50cc scooters can assure you with 100 mph whereas 150cc scooters can promise you up to 75. The lower the gas consumption in according to the mph the scooter has better fuel efficiency. So, it's safe to say that 150cc is more fuel-efficient.

Load Capacity

If the driver has a heavier weight, 50cc struggles to accede 30mph. On the other hand, 150cc can reach 50mph even if it bears some extra weight on it.


Scooters have a compact formation. That’s why we can easily find a parking spot for them. Considering the size, 150cc scooters are slightly bigger than 50cc scooters.


People usually go for 50cc scooters when they are driving around the blocks alone. In contrast to that, 150 scooters can be taken for rides on the city roads. But, they are still not suitable for the highway.

This is related to the speed of both scooters. If you are aiming for traveling around the lanes of your living area alone then you don't need a speedy vehicle.

On the other hand, if you need to take some materials on board and deliver them around the city, you can go for 150cc.


You can find a 50cc scooter in an extremely affordable starting price range. Anyhow, you can still go for 50cc scooters of higher price. On the contrary, the starting price of 150cc is twice the 50cc starting price. 


Generally, lower speed confirms more safety while driving. In that case, 50cc could be a suitable option for you.

Then again, they are smaller in size and not easily noticeable. So, there’s s good possibility for you to get smashed by a speedy vehicle.

Moreover, 50cc scooters come with smaller wheels. Smaller wheels can’t assure steady rides.

In relation to those, 150cc is larger in size and has a bigger wheel. Hence, we can say it's safer when you are riding a 150cc scooter.

Which One Do You Like Most?

As you already know the more capacity an engine has the more enhanced your traveling experience becomes.

But, it doesn't necessarily mean you need to choose a higher-priced one or a scooter that has more CC. It mainly depends on, what purpose you are going to employ a scooter for. Also, it will vary in people's lifestyles.

However, you can mainly focus on your commute type and safety to choose between 50cc and 150cc scooters.

Seemingly, 150cc sounds safer. And, they get along with general-purpose uses very well. Considering this, you can opt for 150cc scooters. But, the price could be an obstacle for some people.

In that case, you can go for a 50cc scooter. They are not that bad for basic uses. If you drive carefully you should be fine. And, you can check these 50cc scooters, if you think 150cc is rather unsuitable for you.

To Wrap-Up

Scooters are an excellent option to travel around. And, you can't just go straight to a show-room and buy some scooter for you!

We all don't use motor vehicles for the same purpose, do we? Considering your purpose, you need to do thorough research on which one will be the best choice for you.