Working In A Bakery
From the distance, working in a bakery is a dream job just like with every other job out there. Come to think of it. You are surrounded by loads of cookies, plentiful cakes, and piles of donuts. Is there ever anybody who ever wants the aroma of cakes to stop on taking a drag of it in their nose? The great thing is, you get to not only eat baked goodies but you also get to breathe everything baked in the bakery. But as common with every job, working in a bakery has its own advantages, all of which I have discussed down below. In the meanwhile, you may want to check this out as Emicakes is looking to expand its business in Singapore.

So, first thing first...the pros!

A Job To Be Proud Of

Compare working as a baker to being a social media clown and you’ll see big the difference. Okay, I made that up but working at a bakery is something every bakery worker is proud of. But let’s look into it together. You’re making what almost the entire humanity loves. Even dogs and other pets consider cakes as treats. Another joy to it is meeting and passing orders to smiling faces over the counter every day.

Become A Go To

Forget about those smiling faces making your day with their appreciation and thanks even though they pay for what they get from you while you make their days with desserts. As a bakery worker, you’re automatically a dessert guru to all your family friends, families, and friends. They will be looking up to your experience and knowledge for guidance on their homemade desserts and can even offer you side gigs. Yay! The extra cash at last.

Develop Management Skills

Other than the knowledge together with the side gigs and respect that ties in with being a worker in a bakery, you also get to develop a good managerial skill that is seriously useful in every aspect of your life. And yes, it’s a solution if you have relationship problems. As you’re continuously dealing with new and old customers every day, you tend to learn how to handle relationships and how to build new ones. Yes, it’s that great.

You’ve Got More Time

If you’re looking to escape the 5-9 job so you can create things for other things that matter most to you, working in a bakery is a great idea. Though you’ll have to get to work early as bakeries are known to open by or before 5am but you’ll be able to get back home when other adults are still busy at work.

Free Food! At Last

Yes, you read that right. Working in the bakery opens you up to free desserts. As long as you’re not working with a mean and stingy boss, you get to eat free cakes, free donuts, and other baked goodies for free. If you love going home reeking in the mouthwatering aroma of cakes, this job is your calling.