Photo Collage Templates
Whether you're making a photo collage of your bestie’s recent vacay trip or you’re printing boutique promotional flyers, you can be money savvy doing it. You don't need to dish out money for a graphic designer - instead, get started with this free online collage maker. It's the top free resource for photo uploads and making stunning layouts with ease. You can manipulate photos and add effects with a flick of a finger. You also have the convenience of readily uploading your completed designs online. Then you can tweak your photos and add effects and embellishments to suit your purpose at no cost.

Yep, you read that right! This amazing tool is free, with no hidden charges or other strings attached. The primary advocacy of the creators is to share their love for the visual arts. This free online collage maker's vision is to give everyone a platform to uniquely express themselves. So now, this is your chance to utilize all those photos on your smartphone. Instead of sitting on your cloud or internal storage unappreciated, it makes more sense to craft them into pretty layouts and then share them with the world! After all, a picture paints a thousand words with the power to touch the heart and soul. If you’re feeling unsure about what to do, there are many templates you can choose from. Let’s get started!

Reasons to Use a Template

Not everyone is gifted in using Adobe Photoshop. Though this is amazing software, it does have a rather large learning curve. If you have no time to waste mastering the nuances of this suite, a free collage maker is the right answer.

With an easy to use, free collage maker on the internet, you can choose from a broad range of backgrounds, layout designs, and artistic tools like graphics, borders, and fonts. All you have to do is upload your photos, edit to enhance picture quality, and choose a template. You can then drag your photos where you want them positioned and add art elements.., and voila! You are done. Save your work and share it on social media or download it for printing. 

Top 5 Free Popular Templates

If you don’t know where to begin, consider these top freebie templates that are a big hit with many beginners and experts alike. Even intermediate and advanced collage digital crafters love these templates for creating a masterpiece of memories. Create your beautiful final output by simply dropping your chosen pics on the given template. No design skills are required whatsoever! 

1. Classic Facebook or Twitter Template

This banner collage is popular for those who love to hang out on social media. The landscape template can fit as much as 7 photos. You can also choose to customize it with your favorite stickers or your pre-designed logo. Many people love using this template from a free online collage maker because the final product will fit easily on a Facebook or Twitter cover page. Why do people use this?
  • You can select multiple photos.
  • It doesn’t distort the pictures.
  • Whatever you see will be properly displayed on your banner.
  • You can personalize the colors of the background.

Whether it's for your personal profile or business page, you will certainly find this particular template helpful and easy to use. You can customize it based on your goals with freebie sticker packs. 

2. Happy Home Template

Home is where your heart is! Most people collage for their families. No marketing ploys or agendas other than to craft mementos that kids and other loved ones will enjoy. What could be more poignant than preserving memories with the people you share your life with? This template with a “Happy Home” sticker in the middle of a square frame is a hit with so many users. You can choose to add four other photos of your loved ones. Here’s what you can do with the final output:
  • Share this on your social media posts.
  • Print it for your holiday cards.
  • Make printed calendars.
  • Craft several and transform them into photobooks.

3. Save the Date Template

Everyone celebrates an important occasion yearly. Whether it's a birthday, graduation, Christmas party, wedding, christening, or other celebration - people rely on this Save the Date template to make exciting, personalized cards to remember the event. With a free online collage maker, you can even throw a party just for the heck of it! You can print this 8-picture collage with a fancy save the date sticker, then distribute it via old school mail. You can also send this out as an e-vite via a social media calendar reminder, email, or even Viber! Apart from personal milestones, businessmen adore this template when they have product launches or sales they want clients to remember. 

4. Free Shipping Template

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to boost your sales, this Free Shipping template can help entice your customers. Everyone loves a freebie! With most companies enforcing very expensive shipping and handling charges, you’ll stand out amid your competitors when you make this generous offer. Showcase multiple products with this template that comes with a classy free shipping graphic. You can also tailor-fit the other elements to suit your company colors. 

5. Classic 14 Grid Square Template

When you have many photos that you want in a single frame, this 14 Grid Square is the perfect solution. As its name implies, it can accommodate up to 14 pictures in one square layout. The photos come in a variety of shapes and sizes giving you the freedom to tell your story. Why choose one when you can have it all? 

It’s Time to Start That Collage Now

Making a digital collage out of your smartphone's photos can be seamlessly done with a free online collage maker. Upload photos from your phone or social media accounts - making it very convenient. And of course, if you’re feeling unsure about your layouts, the numerous design templates will make your task a breeze!