Baseball seems to have this steady position for the most popular sports in Korea. It has the most steadfast fan of all time. Since 1980, about 60% of people are choosing it as the most existing sport event. Still, they play, chant, and cheer in the stadium for few other games. Let’s see what are those games except the KBO League-


In Korea, people call it ‘chukgu’. The portion ‘gu’ basically means ‘ball’. There are many sports name in Korea that contains ‘gu’ in their name. They play this game with a ball, hence it is called chukgu. In 2002, South Korea hosted the world cup of the soccer game.

There are some other sports that they play with balls. For example, baseball- it’s called ‘yagu’. Then we have basketball which is known as ‘nonggu’. So, from now on, from Korea, if you come across any word that has ‘gu’, you will know it requires a ball to play.


This is interesting because hiking itself is a game in Korea. People usually play games while climbing up to a mountain, but this literally a ‘game’ for them. People call it ‘deungsan’ in Korea. ‘san’ means mountains and ‘deung’ climbing up.

Well, it more of a light sport and has the most popularity as a light sport. People seem to decide to go hiking a lot. And, in the weekends they don’t miss it! Moreover, Korea has some great mountain views and you will find the mountain easily somewhere near you. Maybe that’s why people like this sport so much.


This is most popular among high school kids. We already mentioned earlier it is called ‘nonggu’. All the school in Korea has a spacious basketball court. In relation to baseball, kids play it more because getting a field doesn’t seem as feasible as getting a court for basketball. It more like a go-to sport for the kids if they are in a mood of playing something outside.

Korean Wrestling

This is their traditional games and it is called ‘ssireum’. Seemingly, it a lot like sumo, that’s played in Japan. But, they have certain variations in terms of rules. It is happening in the country quite often. Whenever you turn-on TV you probably catch an on-going tournament somewhere.

Martial Art

This is another traditional game in Korea. It’s a martial art game that was originally developed in Korea. The name was coined by Choi Hong Hi. There’s a controversy regarding coining the name. The International Taekwon-Do federation says it was coined by Choi but the World Taekwondo Federation claims it was rather group effort of nine original nine Kwans to come up with this name.


This game requires a mat of 10m square. There are some fixed areas where the players can hit. You won by kicking and blowing on the allowed body parts of your opposition as many times you can. You get 1 point for when you strike in the body and you get 2 points when you kick on the face.


It is fundamentally a mix of football and volleyball. It is also similar to football tennis, which is another game from Korea. Sounds quite interesting, isn’t it? Korean militaries made this game up originally for the leisure time. As time passed, it gained popularity throughout the country. This game is played in junior, amateur, and professional levels, and it is played between 2 teams that consist of 4 players each.


The ball that is used in this game is 20cm in diameter. It’s slightly smaller than the ball used to play volleyball. The court for this game needs to be 16m/7m in proportion and 1.1m in height. By the by, the height particularly is similar to the tennis game.

Final Thoughts

As you can see from the popular sports in Korea, there are mainly baseball, basketball, and soccer. You can visit this site 슈어맨, to get the latest analysis for all the sports and games.