Basketball Game
Basketball Game
Have you been trying to improve your basketball skills but aren’t sure where to begin? Whether you are just starting out with this sport or whether you’re keen to hone your existing skills so that you can be even more successful, here are some easy ways to make yourself an even better player.

Use The Right Dribbling Posture

It’s important to maintain the correct posture during dribbling. Keep your knees at shoulder-width apart and avoid locking them. Keep yourself well-balanced and never bounce the ball higher than the waist. Learning to dribble depends on getting a good feel for the way the ball moves as well as how it responds when you put force on it. Alternate bouncing between hands and between soft and harder moves. When you’re moving, alternate your hands in a crossover move. Practice zig zag patterns and dribble around cones. Remember that you need to practice how to dribble without having to look at the ball.

Practice Shooting

The mnemonic BEEF+C will help you to remember how to shoot a basketball. Remember:
  • B means balance
  • E means eyes
  • E means elbow
  • F means follow through
  • C means concentration

You should also practice how to shoot with one hand. Use your finger pads, holding the ball so you’re able to see the light through your fingers. When you shoot, make sure you’re pushing the ball towards the hoop while simultaneously rolling it backwards towards you for a spin move. Once you’re happy with your shooting moves, try shooting from all the different areas of the court. Keep practicing free throws until you can make them consistently in a row.

Practicing Defense

Getting the defensive stance right is essential if you’re going to hone your skills. Keep your base wide and your bodyweight onto the balls of the feet. Make sure your hips are back and your butt downwards. Keep your arms upwards and outwards but never touch your opposing player. Make sure you’re practicing the shuffle step too while switching between directions.

Improve Teamwork

Practice passing to other players since accurate and crisp passes make all the difference to your team’s success. Learn what your role is in the team and practice it. You need to work on creative plays which use the strengths of your team. Practice games of hot potato to improve the whole team’s ability to work as a single unit.

Improve Your Fitness Level

Staying fit can make all the difference between being successful on the basketball court and failing to hit the basket. Practice running regularly to build up your stamina and practice push ups to improve your arm strength. Also try to increase your vertical leaping ability. If you’re agile, fast and are able to jump high you don’t need to be the tallest player on the court to be successful. Jumping rope for as long, hard and fast as you can will speed up your footwork on the basketball court. Focus on the strength of your core muscles. Doing leg lifts, the plank and abdominal crunches will ensure that your core is capable of taking a hit and yet still finishing strong.

Improve Your Knowledge

While physical skill is essential on the court, mental agility is also important. You should learn as much as possible about basketball by perusing the NBA rules which you can find online for free. You should also talk about the game with other players, read informative websites and ask your coach for their expert tips. Watch as many games as you can both on TV and in real life as this is the perfect guide to help you to get as much enjoyment and success as possible from your game.

Follow these expert tips and you should be well armed to get ahead of your opponents on the basketball court. Remember, however, that basketball is a team game and you can only ever be good as your other team members. Remember that the key to true success in this game is working as a single unit with your fellow players so that you can all achieve your team goal – to beat your opponents and come home as winners.