The remarkable town of Verona has been a dream destination for several tourists for many years. Mozart and Goethe have been named as the hotbeds for tourist attractions. With gorgeous architecture and temperate weather, Verona is ultimately the perfect place for a getaway in a relaxing and charming city.

Verona is a compact city, which you can easily walk around without the need of public transport. Here are 10 of the best attractions to engage in and visit when in Verona.

  • Juliet's Balcony

Juliet's Balcony is ultimately the reason why Verona is flocked with thousands of visitors’ year in year out. Despite being the city of love, Verona is even regarded as a city of tragic love stories. The Balcony is located within walking distance of the famous Piazza Delle Erbe. It is where Shakespeare acquired his inspiration from his renowned play.

The play is based on a true story in which there was forbidden love, family rivalry, and feuding all entangled in the same account, in the 1300s. Romeo and Juliet were the two star-crossed lovers in this famous Shakespearean play. It goes without saying that when in Verona, one must visit Casa di Giulietta to learn of the traffic love story.

  • Piazza Delle Erbe

This remarkable square is found in Verona's historic center. Here you can explore fascinating architecture, including the town hall which houses the Torre dei Lamberti, Palazzo Maffei and the sensational walls belonging to the Mazzanti houses.

From here, you can also discover a special fountain, Fontana Madonna Verona, which is the oldest object in this square. Here you can spot the Madonna Verona statue, established during the Roman rule. Piazza Delle Erbe also has several bars and restaurants where you can enjoy an aperitivo, meal or post-dinner digest. 

  • Verona Arena

No trip is complete without a visit to the Arena. This giant piece of Roman architecture can be found in Piazza Bra, one of Verona’s most iconic squares. The arena is home to the Arena Opera Festival, which features popular operas like Barbiere di Siviglia, Orff Carmina Burana, etc.

  • Castelvecchio

Situated in a Roman fortress on the outside of the city walls, this square-shaped fort was considered the most imminent military construction in the Middle Ages. This fascinating castle pays homage to the Castelvecchio Museum and Gallery.

  • Giardino Giusti

Just a small distance from Verona lies this stunning garden with fountains, and grottoes. The mesmerising Giardino Giusti was  planted in the 1400s by the Giusti. These unique features are carefully articulated and landscaped to a hillside to give you an intriguing, peaceful, and relaxing place to travel to.

The place is a prominent tourist attraction, attracting the likes of Mozart and Goethe, who would spend time seeking inspiration. The gardens are an ideal spot to picnic or hike with friends and loved ones.

  • Teatro Romano

This structure is quite old as it was completed during the 100BC. Currently, it is a set of ruins reconstructed to play a part as a cultural hotspot in the summer. The site has a sitting area that is semi-circle, close to the river and is very accessible.

Behind the theater, on an expansive hilltop, lie a collection of Roman ruins. From the top, you can experience panoramic views of the Ponte Pietro Bridge and red-tile roofs orchestrating the houses in town.

  • Torre dei Lamberti

This is among the few remaining towers found in Verona. These vast towers represented the wealth and relevance of a specific aristocratic family. Visit Piazza Delle Erbe and discover these dazzling towers and the history behind them.

  • Piazza Dei Signori

This piazza was once very crucial in the running of Verona. It also orchestrates a spellbinding square which has several high arches and even a Dante monument. The city also houses significant building structures such as courts,  used by the previous city council.

  • Castel St Pietro

If you fancy afternoon walks, then this is the place to visit. It is a mysteriously abandoned fort that has breathtaking tree-lined roads. Every picture that showcases Italy's prowess in nature and serenity, features a collection of cypress trees. Explore this space and indulge in a romantic and serene ambiance.

You could also decide to visit Villa Zambonina,  a sizable Palladian villa that has a vast swimming pool. The villa stands on farming land that is just close to Verona. In this historic villa, you are sure to find air-conditioned bedrooms, modern kitchens, multiple en-suite bedrooms, and modern, sleek bathrooms. The elegance of this stunning architecture has made it a sought-after venue for concerts, weddings, any other functions.

The structure is decorated with resounding paintings and furnished with the best materials and design interiors. It is a unique location, from which you can explore Italy's fine wines, operas, and more.

  • Shop in Centro Storico

The shopping scene in Verona is vibrant. Everything here is fashionable and beautiful. There is a prominent shopping street known as Via Mazzini, which sells everything you could be in search of.