When it comes to global search for accommodation we should be comparing the most modern and sophisticated living option for students in the form of new generation purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA). We can consider countries like the UK, United States, Australia, and specifically if we mention the metropolitan area and special administrative region of the People's Republic of China which is Hong Kong. 


Commonly known as the United Kingdom (UK or U.K.) or Britain, The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, is a sovereign country as a whole which is serviced by property providers who are more than happy to offer in purpose-built student accommodation UK (PBSA). They provide easy living options, where students can choose 100% secure accommodations. 


Security features like CCTV surveillance, secure door entry, and secure parking space in purpose built student accommodations. 

Most accommodations cater with onsite support staff, offering help whenever needed. 

Regular bus services are also available actively offering transport facilities in bus stops within close proximity. 

Travel in between cities in bus services to travel to regions outside the residing study destination.

Spacious Rooms and Onsite Amenities

US offering PBSAs

Similarly US is never too late in having excellent cities with providers offering PBSAs with basic as well luxurious amenities catered to students at no additional cost. While planning for a student life in the U.S, Students have the options to choose from campus halls, purpose-built student accommodation US (PBSAs), and private student accommodations.


  • An altogether community driven environment for students to blend in well at a new place.
  • Strategic locations of PBSAs near viable means of transport facilities.
  • Freedom of travelling in and around the city in the US.\
  • Rent of PBSAs according to higher cost of living in the US is comparatively low and is specific to the type of accommodation needed.

Australian PBSAs

Students who opt to live in a PBSA in Australia will make a far better decision to live in affordable independent accommodations. Such student accommodation Australia also helps students to connect more with the native flat mates or other students who are also in search of co-residents to form an in-country support system.


Nearness to popular student universities and important places of interest.
Best option for shopping lovers and those who want fresh vegetables and groceries can venture at nearby stores. 

Lots of communal spaces to socialize more often.

Accommodations have everything under one roof and this is the advantage of staying in PBSAs in Australia.

Hong Kong PBSAs

There has to be a plan to find the best living space or student accommodation Hong Kong where you will be able to contact providers to assist with finding one and then help with the booking of affordable PBSAs. Such types of accommodations have a unique student living set-up, which is compact and looks into every important aspect that is important in making a student life a little easy and hassle-free. Students can choose 100% secure accommodations. There are online platforms offering beyond-the-bed customized services to book PBSAs through a less cumbersome process. The pricing of off-campus student housing and rental costs varies a lot according to property size and location and is cheaper in the further north. The areas that have a moderate rental price include regions like Southern Kowloon, North Point, Fortress Hill, and Tin Hau.

  • Rooms facilitate world class amenities to meet quality standards.
  • Designated study spaces in every room.
  • Listed in premium the global student housing marketplaces and virtual platforms catering to global accommodations for university students.
Shared living options where rent is divided between the number of occupants sharing the room. It totally depends whether the room is twin sharing, triple sharing or allows more than three or more occupants.

We simply cannot compare PBSAs in every country as it is quite a wider scope for us to make a comparison but what we can conclude is that PBSAs at large have become more and more beneficial to university students globally and are now finding its place in India and is adapting to the coliving or studio living culture of PBSAs or other words student specific better living options for students.