Men’s Brooches
A brooch is an exquisite fashion statement these days. It is a piece of decorative jewellery to attach with a garment that can make the outfit even more appealing. It has a historical reference. Earlier, a brooch was perceived as a token of wealth and power. Expensive brooches were regarded as high status in society. However, that no longer exists, but still many men go forward with this accessory. It is usually made up of metal, stone, silver, or gold.

From traditional to contemporary, people wear a brooch according to the occasion and preference. Thus, if you want to add more bling to your overall appearance, browse for a brooch online. You can select the one which perfectly suits the occasion and speaks to you.

Moving along, if you easily get confused while buying a brooch, you have come to the right place. In this article, we have curated the list of 5 types of men's brooches and how to wear them.
  • CHAIN BROOCHES: This type of brooch is attached with a chain or set of chains, giving it an Indo-western look. It looks royal and is perfect for a cultural event or even Indian weddings. Pin it on the left side of the kurta, near the chest area. It will enhance the overall look.
  • LAPEL PINS: These are usually worn over on the lapel of a suit or jacket. It has a long needle-like pin, which goes inside the fabric, exposing just the head. There are various lapel pins available, from cloth-like lapel pins, which is commonly a flower, or metal pin.
  • SOLITAIRE BROOCHES: For all the gem and bling lovers, this is the perfect brooch for you. It is either expensive because of the real stones or can be fake. Solitaire brooch is the epitome of royalty and will make you stand out. Different varieties, such as diamond and pearl, are available online. It mostly comes with a safety pin to securely put it in the fabric. These can come in a variety shapes and sizes to add more elements to your outfit.
  • CELTIC BROOCHES: This has an open design with a pin going across. The pin is passed through the cloth and then again passed through the head of the brooch. The size of this brooch can be adjusted. It comes in diverse colours and patterns. Men usually wear this near the shoulder area.
  • SHIRT COLLAR BROOCH: It is a classic way of adding more accessory to your look. Collar brooches give an elegant element that makes you stand out. As the name suggests, it is pinned on the collar of a shirt. It looks best when you don't wear a tie.


Brooches add a little something to the attire, and that little something is special and extraordinary. It adds unique elements to your outfit, which solely expresses your personality. The type of brooch you go with usually tells a lot about you as a person. You can wear it to a family function with a stylish blazer. It is a versatile accessory, and you just have to pick the right one that goes well with your outfit.

Thus, go and check out some brooches online and uplift your outfit by utilising this element. It is always going to be the right choice to spice up your attire. SHOP NOW!