Getting your music heard online today is possible via websites that allow you to upload your music for anyone to listen to. Once your music is online, how do you get people to recognize that it is there? The idea of uploading your music is so it gets heard, and uploading a piece that only reaches a handful of listeners can be off-putting.

Luckily, some companies like Share Pro have websites that can help you market your music through several PR-style marketing methods.

If you want your music to be heard, then spread it around as many channels as you can:

·         Share your music with 100s of tastemakers

·         Feedback on your music from over 250 pros

·         Guaranteed listens/audiences so your music will be heard

Manual Vs. Automatic Music Submissions

Manual music submissions can take up a lot of time, especially if you are looking for as many websites as you can submit your music to as possible. If you can automate your music submissions, you will get your music out there much quicker and to more websites and communities relevant to your genre.

When you submit music to blogs via the Share Pro tool, the site connects with blogs with thousands of readers daily. You can use the software to upload music directly to Share Pro or share links to your uploads on sites such as SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube, and others.

Your links will then be shared around various music communities, so you do not have to go out there and market these links yourself. Of course, you will also want to share your links on your own Facebook and Twitter accounts, but that’s about as much manual work as you must do to spread the word online.

  • ·Access to professional music experts
  • Wait for offers from pros within the music industry
  • Discover and network with communities & blogs

Pros Scouting Online Music Sites for New Talent

There are currently hundreds of music companies looking for new talent. One of the best ways for these scouts to find the next big name for their record label is by getting out there, listening to people’s uploads on platforms such as SharePro, and providing feedback to help people improve.

Share Pro collates people’s music from SoundCloud, Spotify, and other music sites so industry professionals can find and listen to new music from raw and untapped talents. These pros use the platform to take the time to listen to new artists, follow their favorite artists, and provide feedback.

By giving feedback and listening for improvements that came as a direct result of feedback from a pro, these pros can improve talent and eventually have them to a point where it could be worth following up on the artist’s talents by giving them a contract.

  • ·         Music pros give tips on how to improve your music
  • ·         Music pros are often looking for new raw talent
  • ·         Use music software tools to improve your chances of being spotted

Getting Paid for Your Music

If you are just starting online, expect to wait to get paid. Your sound always catches the attention of someone working within the music industry, and you could be invited to a recording studio for a demo or even a small live event.

These invites are usually an initial opportunity to move into paid work after a demo rather than paid work that is immediately offered.

For most musicians, it is an honor just to have their music heard while getting paid is a bonus. If you are persistent enough with your music uploads, listen to feedback from pros on Share Pro, and continue improving your work, you stand every chance of being invited to paid gigs.

  • ·         Get invited to demos or live gigs
  • ·         Get the chance to visit a recording studio
  • ·         The possibility of paid gigs is now a reality

Keep on Improving Your Passion

For some, music is just a passion, and being able to play a tune or sing is enough. Being able,e to upload music is a bonus because, after all, musicians and singers want to be heard. Very rarely is music about money for most people.

That said, if there is a chance of being paid for performing, then most people would not turn down the opportunity to do what they love and get paid for it because, let’s face it, most people do not like their jobs or would instead get paid to do something they enjoy – job satisfaction.

Well, thanks to music submission tools, you can now get professional feedback on improving your music for your existing fan base while also getting the chance for talent spotters to pick you out and sign you up!