Mechanical MODS
Are you a diehard fan of cloud chasing or vape tricks? If your answer is yes, you might have come across ‘mechanical MODS’ many times. For those unfamiliar with this term and don’t know how MODS work, mechanical vapes are difficult to understand.

Furthermore, if you watch the vaping videos on Youtube, you might be curious about why the MODS you see in the videos are different from the ones you find at the local vape shop. Here, we will tell you everything about mechanical MODS so that you know how to use them safely. Let’s get started!

Mechanical MOD

A mechanical MOD is simple equipment, far away than the most inexperienced vapers think of it. In simple words, it is a device that provides the atomizer with pure battery power.

It is even more basic than the other standard vape devices and contains only a handful of parts, such as-


This section contains all the parts and comes in different forms, like cylindrical, box-shaped, etc. They are made of metal or wood. Some mechanical MOD builders also come with casings, like artist level wood housing.


The battery supplies power, and a MOD may contain one battery or many. Depending upon your vaping needs, the number and type of batteries vary.


A mechanical MOD is considered flexible because it can power any atomizer without consideration of the coil’s resistance. RDA or rebuildable dripping atomizer is the most popular choice of an atomizer. With this, you can drip your favorite best classic tobacco flavored vape juice right onto the coil.

How Do They Work?

Mechanical MODS uses a simple process to produce vapors. The MOD’s casing contains a battery that connects with the top and bottom caps of the MOD. When you fire the MOD through a push of the button, the cap comes in contact with the battery and allows the current flow. This is all you need to power the MOD, making it possible to vape.

Are Mechanical MODS Right For You?

If you are new to vaping, mechanical MODS may not be the best place to start. They need some experience. Further, if you are a vaper who wants to keep things simple and use a grab-and-go vape, then a mechanical MOD may take some effort.

While mechanical MODS require a bit more time, they allow you to customize your vape. If you want to produce record-level clouds, a mechanical MOD is the best bet.

Are They Safe To Use?

If used correctly, mechanical MODS are safe. However, many faults happen as a result of the battery. These MODS don’t have any circuit boards. Thus, if there is any malfunction, there is nothing to keep the device from getting fully damaged. Batteries may become defective in many ways, such as overheat, burst, misfire, etc.

Below are some tips on mechanical MOD safety and maintenance-
  • Use the right type of batteries for your device and keep them charged. Don’t overcharge them, though.
  • Check often for short circuits. Make sure that the mech MOD is compatible with the atomizer you use.
  • Allow a good airflow to the MOD so that it can release pressure sufficiently.
  • Store the MOD properly to avoid misfires.

What To Know Before Buying A Box MOD?

One important thing to do is to keep an eye on clones and knockoffs. Clones are cheaper versions of the popular builds and are less dangerous of the two. Knockoffs, on the other hand, are quite dangerous.

Further, you might have seen the mentions of ‘regulated’ and ‘unregulated’ mods. They have specific safety features designed to prevent dangerous power issues. While there are positives and negatives of each type, the positive thing about an unregulated MOD is it offers customization options.

Hopefully, now you have sufficient knowledge about mechanical MODS. This information may help you choose the MOD wisely and maintain it.