Small Apartment
When you are trying to make your new apartment feel like home, it can be challenging to do if the space you have to work with is tiny. You can't make permanent changes in the usual way. Your place might have strange dimensions that you have no clue what to do with or awkward features to top it off.

You can have a look. But, Modsy Designers have experienced it all. Here we have collected some small apartment design ideas that are tried to our home design playbook. You can find your dream apartment at Nantucket Harbor Apartments.

1. You can light Up with Wall candelabrum

When you're looking for small apartment design ideas involving lighting, candelabrum plays an important role. These beautiful lamps can light up your home without consuming your space or table surface area.

It is even better than many candelabrum options that can be plugged into the wall, as you don't have to stress about the whole wiring issue.

2. You can keep your furniture more off from the Floor

One of the best small apartment design ideas that involve holding your furniture more off from the Floor. It makes a small space look more significant as a bulky sofa plopped right on the Floor can make it smaller. You can also try using furniture that sits higher from the Floor to make your small space look roomier and amazing. You can go for pieces with long tapered legs, like this sofa, are a perfect choice.

3. You can Layer an additional Rug over Your Carpet

One of the most trending small apartment design ideas is to cover the unattractive and dirty Floor with a beautiful rug. It works well with the Floor, whether you have hardwood, tile, or carpet, as it is the best thing to make your apartment more attractive.

It is not the only rug that adds style, but it also supports zones in your layout. Plus, carpets are easy to roll up and transport, meaning you can invest, knowing you'll be able to your next place.

4. Bifurcate rooms with the help of furniture

Many small apartments don't have separate dining, bedroom, and living rooms. But you can still create different spaces and zones using your favorite furniture to divide the area that also looks very attractive.

One of the best design ideas is that you can use the back of your sofa to act as a wall between one large living/dining room into two separate and small areas. Another favorite tip is that you can use a bookcase as a divider as it will make more space between your bedroom and living spaces.

5. Choose more Clear Furniture

You can always opt for some apartment design ideas that make it look more significant when you can't make more space in a small apartment. The oldest trick to do this is the interior designer's handbook.

You can go for small pieces made of glass or acrylic as it is a great way to catch the eye into thinking your space is more significant than it is. Skipping the massive wooden coffee table will make your room look more open and airy and make it feel larger

6. Prepare beautiful artwork

Buying an apartment means you can put beautiful artwork on the wall. It would help if you did not have to miss out on the chance to display beautiful art in your home as it is the most creative and beautiful thing to do.

It is a great trick to create a slightly more eclectic vibe in your space. You can try leaning one piece of art against another hung on the wall for a layered look.