Sales are one of the most essential departments in any company and can also be one of the hardest to recruit for. There are plenty of people with professional sales experience, but putting together the team that can grow your current accounts and bring in new business is an art and a science, and so much rests on bringing in the right people.

To do this, you need to have a team with experience in your industry. While not every salesperson necessarily needs to have a decade of sales success working with your clients, you certainly want senior team members to have the vision that comes with a long personal history in a particular sector.

Every Industry Has its Own Culture

industries have different cultures. For example, finance, media, and tech have very different ways of doing business, and a sales approach that succeeds in one may not yield results in the others.

For example, tech has a famously competitive sales culture that is also highly rewarding. If you work with tech companies, you’ll want reps who can communicate effectively with their counterparts, earn trust, and close a sale in this environment.

Not All Sales Knowledge is Transferrable

Just as not all sales cultures are the same, some industries require specialized knowledge about the products and services offered. While reps can pick this information up over time, if you are looking for immediate results, it is always helpful to have people on your team who already understand the technical side of your industry.

Sales Recruitment Companies Make Hiring Knowledgeable Personnel Easier

Because of the difficulty of hiring a new sales team or expanding an existing one, sales recruitment companies such as have started stepping into the gap, providing a valuable service by recruiting high-achieving sales professionals who are perfect for particular roles in particular industries.

Recruitment companies like Sales Talent Agency have refined their approach using cutting-edge software tools like the DNA/PRO candidate assessment methodology that helps identify the best recruits across various aptitudes, including drive, acumen, performance, and relevancy. 

When you work with a sales recruitment company, you can quickly zero in on candidates with experience in your industry who can deliver fantastic results from day one. 

Whether you’re looking to hire junior candidates or a COO, you’ll want to ensure that the team you put together doesn’t just have a proven track record with sales, knows your industry inside and out and can confidently represent your brand to potential clients. 

Working with a sales recruitment company that can connect you with the specialized talent you need is the best way to ensure you put together an exceptional team that consistently exceeds quotas and expectations.