We’ve all been spending more time than usual at home this year, and it’s important to enjoy the spaces where we live. Keeping the rooms of your home clutter-free can have a dramatic impact on the way you feel.

Studies show that things like mood and concentration improve when they are in a neat and orderly environment. Plus, reducing the paper and electronic clutter around the home can prevent identity theft from occurring. Keep reading to learn more about how professional shredders can help you reduce clutter around the home and keep you safe from identity threats.

Sensitive Paper Documents

There are all kinds of ordinary processes that produce paper documents containing sensitive information. Things like opening a bank account, starting a business, or even writing down your usernames and passwords — if an identity thief could obtain these papers, they could cause you real damage.

When you call a professional shredder, they’ll be able to come right to your home and shred your sensitive papers at the curb side from a mobile shredding truck. For larger volumes of paper to shred, they can still come to your facility to receive the documents that need to be destroyed. But they’ll bring them to their facility for secure shredding.

You won’t have to haul heavy boxes of sensitive material, and you’ll know that the documents you turned over to them have been safely destroyed. Companies like Absolutedestruction.ca will issue a certificate of destruction after completing the job, giving you total peace of mind.

Electronics Around the Home

Are you one of those people who always buy the newest electronic device as soon as it comes out? Many people like keeping up with technology. If you have old unused electronics lying around, they take up space, and they’re also a data breach liability.

The best thing you can do is call a professional shredder to pulverize the microchips on the device. If an electronic device is thrown into the garbage, the data can be retrieved. Only when it’s been shredded safely by a professional is the threat fully eliminated.

An identity thief doesn’t need much information to go on, and it’s hard to believe how much data can be stored on an electronic device. If it’s a valuable and useful electronic, keep it safe and under a watchful eye. If it isn’t really in use, it’s safer to have it shredded by a professional.

Look for a company that takes its commitments to recycle seriously. The longer they’ve been committed to helping homes and companies stay Green, the better. Some electronic parts contain toxins and need to be recycled safely, so it’s important to engage a company with a lot of experience recycling.

Everyone has spent longer at home lately, so keeping things clean and organized is extra important. Calling a professional shredder will make you feel less anxious and increase the pleasure you get from where you live. Plus, it’ll eliminate the sensitive documents that identity thieves are looking for, and that’s what security is all about.