With everything that's happened because of the Coronavirus, you've probably gotten used to spending a lot of time at home. Many people have discovered that spending time at home isn't horrible — it's kind of fun! Whether it’s a new hobby or learning how to cook for the first time, people worldwide have found ways to stay entertained during a stressful time. 

Although the summer is coming to a close, you may have enjoyed some socially-distanced time outside with friends — soaking up the sun rays while you can. As the season ends, you might be thinking about things to do inside. The weather will start to cool down again soon, and you'll be back at home, wondering how to pass the time. Although restrictions in restaurants, bars, and other entertainment places have been lifted, many people continue to social distance by staying at home as much as possible. 

Let’s look at some fun activities that you can try this fall and winter while staying safe and healthy at home. 

Discover Wines and Beers

Many wineries and breweries have started to sell their products exclusively online through memberships and clubs. If you’re interested in beer or wine and looking for something a little different from your usual liquor store suspects, consider finding an online beverage club to join. Typically you’ll receive a monthly box of goodies to try that you won’t find elsewhere. For example, many offer unique varieties uncommon to North America. Such clubs are becoming increasingly popular — whether it’s French Pinot Noirs or English ciders you’re looking for, chances are you’ll find the one for you.

If you have a little bit of disposable income, add some flavour to your fall and winter menus with a wine or beer club membership. Don’t forget to enjoy those alcoholic beverages responsibly! 

Design Face Masks

If one thing’s for sure, facial masks and coverings are here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future. Wearing them indoors is a requirement in many parts of the country, and they’ve even made an appearance on recent haute-couture runway shows.

You wear them every day, so why not personalize your facial coverings? You can order custom masks from a company that offers state of the art silk-screen printing. If there's a particular design or slogan that you like, put it on your mask! While masks should be practical and useful since you wear them every day, you can also customize them to match your style.

Foster or Adopt a Pet

Are you an animal lover? With all the time you’ll spend at home, now is the ideal time to take on a furry friend. If you love animals, owning a pet is always a great idea, but animals are particularly comforting in uncertain times. They provide warmth and companionship. Talk to animal shelters or charities in your area to learn about options. Are you hesitant to adopt? Some organizations offer foster care to folks who aren’t fully committed to taking on a pet for the long-term. You could foster an abandoned kitten, for example, until someone else adopts them for good.

Whichever activity you choose to engage in, remember to do it safely. But most importantly, have fun doing it!