Every tree is different, as is the location on a property and surrounding obstacles. This means there is no standard price for tree removal, like painting a 3 bedroom house, or tiling a bathroom.

That being said, there is a tight price range and an average price based on the factors affecting the overall cost.

The Average Cost to Remove a Tree

On average, you will need $225 to $4500 to remove a tree from your property. If we break this down to different proportions, a small tree roughly 15 ft. will cost you at least $225 while that of a medium tree, 25 ft., you will need around $900.

Large trees cost much hire since they have lots of work to be done. A 30-60 ft. tree range from $900-$2500 where else extra-large trees 100ft and above attract $2,500 to $4500. From these rates, you can tell that the price change depends on the diameter, use of heavy equipment, and the overall height. 

The following table can illustrate this:



Average Cost


Up to 15 ft.

$225 to $500


15 to 25 ft.

$500 to $900


25 to 60 ft.

$900 to $2500

Extra Large

60 to 120 ft.

$2500 to $4500

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Typical inclusions on tree removal service

It is essential to understand what is included with basic tree removal services when covering the cost. This is because there are diverse levels of services to be considered when removing a tree; however, the basics are tree falling where the contractor will need to rope some pieces and reduce the tree to manageable sizes.

Mostly this may lead to an extra charge. That why it is primarily included in the estimate, where you call in the arborist to estimate the work. Just as a reminder, most companies offer free estimates.

What Leads To Additional Cost?

The average cost we have early looked at is just the basic tree removal cost. Some homeowners, however, need more than just the basics. If you hire an arborist, ensure you tell them everything you need to be done to be included in the basic cost. If you live in the Fort Worth area and have trees, you will need an expert tree removal service provider in Fort Worth at some point.   

Other factors affecting the average cost of tree removal include:

1. Stump Grinding: In most cases, this is not included in the tree removal price. This means that you will need to pay some extra cash for the service if you want the stump removed. This happens mostly because there are different equipment required, and in most cases, it is assigned to a sub-contractor.

2.   Limbs removal. Removing tree limbs varies with the service provider, but it mainly ranges from $50 to $75. However, if you need to minimize this cost, have the limbs chipped off instead of hauled.

3.   Removal of the tree trunk: In most cases, a tree service provider cuts the tree trunk into smaller portions, which is much easier for you to carry elsewhere. However, if you need them hauled away, then you will need to pay more. This varies from $50 to $100.

4.   Log splitting: Do you have a fireplace and need your log splatted ready for use, then a tree service company will charge this service. If the company you choose offers the services, they will need to tag along with the log splitting machine. There is no average cost to this, but you might need around $75 or so for the service.

5.   Location: For individuals living in remotes areas and the tree service company will have to travel extended distances reasonably, you will incur an extra cost for travelling expenses.

6.   Clearing charges: You will incur an extra cost if the area around the tree removed the need to be cleared before the action. This is typically charged hourly or at a per-project rate. You might do the clearing yourself to save money.

7.   Permit and licenses: This applies mostly to trees whose height is 10 ft. or more. Different cities have different requirements for tree removal permits, but this will need to be paid first.

Tree Removal Cost Calculations

You're probably wondering how we arrived at the numbers provided on average. Well, it is good to know how arborists charge whatever rate they charge you. There is a wide range of variables taken into consideration when calculating the cost of removing a tree.

Arborist usually shows up at your site to have a visual of the tree in question. They view the tree access and any obstacle around or close to the tree. The surrounding property is also put into the equation. Later on, he or she will determine the approximate time needed to remove the tree safely.

Every tree service provider has a specific business formula and other cost factors such as overheads, tools and equipment, and staff members. All these factors are taken into consideration to price your contract.


How Do You Minimize Tree Removal Cost?

The overall tree removal can be expensive; however, if there is a thing or two, you can do to reduce the cost, it is worth doing. DIY tree removal isn't a wise move, but here are some other ways to save on extra cost.

·         Schedule the job in winter

Winter is an off-season for most tree companies. When the job is scarce, the companies will try as much to get the assignment; therefore, you can easily land to a better price during this season.

·         Use the wood as firewood.

Instead of incurring costs, you can choose to save the wood as firewood or sell to get some cash.

·         Attend to some of the things yourself

If there are things you can do yourself, then don't hesitate; just do them. If the stump causes no problem or obstruction, then leave it. You can as well clear the debris yourself.

·         Shop around

Get as many estimates as you can. This will help you choose the least expensive service provider of all. That’s a win for you, right? You can as well ask for quantity discounts, that is, if you’re to remove multiple trees.