It’s very common to encounter a hysterical vine on Facebook and desire to keep it in your phone downloaded. Or, you could come across a highly informative video which can help you in the future. Also, you can see a cute video of animals being goofy or kids saying darndest things.


Point is- you might want to keep these videos in your collection. And, we all know there isn’t any built-in Facebook video downloader. But we do have the option of downloading videos externally.


Unfortunately, the downloading process doesn’t go smoothly most of the time. If you want to download Facebook videos hassle-free, take a look at the most efficient Facebook video downloading site below.

Responsive Website

This particular website can change its form according to the device you are using. In other words, you can open the website on any gadgets (i.e. mobile, tablet, laptop) and find it accommodating regardless of the devices.


This allows you to operate the website smoothly and accessing all the options properly. Besides, how often do you run Facebook on your a laptop or tablet?


We primarily use Facebook on our phones. On that note, the FBDownloader has considered the customers' needs thoroughly.

It’s Free & Renders Best Quality Videos

This website doesn’t require opening an account to access the video downloading service. That’s a relief and we all understand the frustration of filling up registration forms.


You will find other websites doing the same, but they won’t deliver you’re videos in their genuine quality. On the contrary, this website makes sure you get the videos in their actual quality!

Adjusting Video Quality

Moreover, want to lower the video quality to save space on your devices? You will find of option for that too. HD, SD- you call it!

Storing Live Videos

 You might have a live class, webinar, any important programs on Facebook. In fact, for the past couple of years, we started seeing people arrange meetings on Facebook live frequently.


So, if you want to keep any live video downloaded, you can do it easily with FBDownloader. Frankly, you won’t find many websites providing an option for this.

Anonymous Download

You will be glad to hear that this website doesn’t keep a record of any of your footprints. In relation to that, many websites keep track of your request and download history. This is proof that their services are reliable and praiseworthy.

Choosing Folder For Files

You can choose the target folder for the video you are downloading. This feature makes us love the website even more!

Downloading Private Videos

If you want to download private videos you can do that with the help of this website. They have this incredible tool giving you access to download private media (at your own risk).


But, hold on! You can’t just start downloading personal videos as it is inappropriate. So, there will be restrictions since the videos are “private”.


You will able to download a private if you only have authentic access to the video. We appreciate that they respect people’s privacy.

Quick Downloading Guide

They have kept resources on the website helping you through the downloading process. It’s not unusual for people to feel confused with the downloading process.


Keeping that in mind, they have incorporated foolproof instructional video and a step-by-step section on the website for their users.

Easy Navigation

Another best thing about his website, it is fairly intuitive. They have developed it with simple yet standard designs.


If you have a fundamental knowledge of browsing the internet, you will certainly like to use their website.

Keep It In The Extensions

Good news for Chrome users! You will find it in the extension shop. Once you add it as an extension you get to download Facebook videos from laptops and tablets.


It will save you the trouble of hopping from one tab to another and then opening the website separately every single time you want to download any Facebook videos.

Easiest Downloading Procedure

All you need to do- collect the video URL from Facebook and paste it on the specified box of the website.

Zippiest Speed

Once put the video URL in the search box, you will get the option for downloading instantly. What more- the video will be download in no time!

Choosing Format

You might not want the Facebook videos to have in ‘video’ format. In that case, you can make audio files of the videos.

To Warp-up

With all these useful features this website stands out as the most effective one. Now, go and download all of your Favorite videos on Facebook.