Designster vs. Penji
The modern world has made significant advancements in the field of technology. It has opened the world to a new digital hemisphere where people from all walks of life can interact with one another. This international communication has increased the phenomenon of globalization. People of different nationalities, cultures and ethnicities can exchange ideas with each other.

This technological advancement has particularly contributed to the business sector. Millions of businesses across the world are utilizing digital platforms to compete for their target demographic. Online users are generally more attracted to the visual aspects of the product than the content. They normally ignore reading textual documents especially if its long. They are more receptive to the optics of the product.

With so many businesses operating throughout the globe, it is challenging for businesses to stand out from their business rivals. Without a visual communication mechanism in place, your business will suffer immensely. There is no getting around the fact that businesses require an attention-grabbing imagery in place. This is where the contribution of graphic designers come in place. There graphic designers have the capability to construct appealing websites, logos and other digital artworks to help enterprises in gaining more consumers.

When searching for a graphic design firm, you need to ensure that the platforms you seek are authentic and credible. Two of the most credible graphic design firms in place are Penji and Designster. The main question remains. Which firm is more preferable than the other? We will discuss that in detail in the following.

Designster vs Penji: Which one is more Desirable in 2020?

When it comes down to the provision of basic services, Designster and Penji are quite similar. Their services include Designing, communication, designing quality and designer skill.


Designster is relatively new to the competition but has taken the lead in the fastest developing graphic design enterprise in the world. It has been credited for providing sophisticated and stellar material to their client. They are productive in terms of both quality and quantity. While Designer is a no-nonsense platform, it continues to maintain friendly and relatable communication lines between its designers and consumers.

Designster operates on the basis of being cost-effective and results-oriented. Delivering timely blogs, logos and web designs to their clients is a part of their methodology. The highlight of Designer is the fact that it provides its basic services for only $299 in a matter of two months.

Also, Designster has the support of a large corporation in which 200+ employees work day and night to ensure that not a single error is overlooked during the construction, editing and visionary aspect of the graphic designs. 


Since its inception in 2017, Penji has become a solution for many small and startup businesses who require affordable services. They also render their services in the form of social media marketing as well. Penji has continued to cater to a wide range of audience since it was founded in Camden, New Jersey by Khai Tran.

Penji has seen considerable growth with respect to securing and expanding their customer base. Penji offers three subscription plans. They provide various solutions to companies of all sizes. They also collaborate with agencies, marketers and anyone who requires an ample supply of visually appealing graphic design. Their customers also have the benefit of getting their money back in a 15-day guarantee.

Where Penji’s rates are concerned, they are quite economical in the sense that produces exceptional designs for their employees. Penji’s basic graphic design services come at a rate of $300 per month. Its graphic designers have been acknowledged for the exemplary illustrations, website and app designs they produce. 

The Verdict

If the case was based on platform, both Designster and Penji provide similar services and outstanding content pertaining to graphic design. However, in the economical sense, it is easily preferable to select Designster over Penji.

The offer of a more affordable service on a two-month period is rarely ever presented by a graphic design company. This gives Designster ample time to make the most of your request and invest in modifying, rectifying and correcting your work until it reaches perfection. A perfected visual design is key to success. Many startup and big businesses have capitalized on the opportunity provided to them and have ended up with effective results. Affordable and cost-effective graphic designers are hard to come by which is why Designster has presented itself as a viable solution to their concerns. Designster will pave the way for these businesses to reach their pinnacle with ease in a matter of two months at reasonable rates.

Designster also has an edge over Penji in the authenticity basis. Penji is catered to its audience in a more collective sense. This leaves individuals feeling alienated and forgotten. This perception reflects poorly in the designs they receive from the agency believing that the final product does not reflect their identity. It is why Designster was created to cater to such individuals. While it does not negate Penji’s stellar platform, Designster still provides a platform to its clients that is maverick and spacious. This maintains a connection between the graphic designers and the individual. This relationship is magnified when the agency takes the interests of the individual in a more personalized manner. This makes Designster more relatable than Penji

Another factor that blows away its Designster’s competition including Penji is that it is backed by an enterprise that is multinational in nature. Penji is an entity only operates in New Jersey. Designster, on the other hand, has a corporation backing which is functioning in Florida, Dubai and Karachi. This makes their clients more diverse as they have access to both the Eastern and Western markets of the world. By securing a more diversified demographic, Designster is emerging itself to become one of the fastest-growing graphic design companies in the world.

Hence, the choice is simple. Designster is the sound choice here.