Chiropractic Services
Chiropractic is an old age technique that dates back to 1895 when Daniel David Palmer performed the first chiropractic adjustment on a partially deaf janitor.

Chiropractic emphasizes the body’s ability to heal itself by a treatment that involves manual therapy that includes spinal manipulation. Chiropractors use their hands or a small instrument to apply a sudden amount of force to your spinal joint. The best chiropractor Melbourne City uses this technique to improve your spinal motion and your body’s physical function.

You need to see a chiropractor if you are experiencing repeated or severe head and neck pain after significant trauma such as a blow on your head, neck, or sudden movement. Injuries that impact your spine need immediate medical evaluation because some severe spinal injuries aren't always immediately apparent. If not detected early, more severe damage can occur. A chiropractor will help you get relief from pain that can be caused by conditions such as; lower back pain, cervical spine issues, SI joint pain, and more.

Lower back And leg pain

Symptoms of lower back injury are difficulty in walking, unconsciousness, headache, pain, pressure, stiffness in the back or neck area, loss of control of the bladder or bowels, difficulty in moving arms and legs and more

  • Causes - Lower back pain can be caused by several factors such as; Sudden or unexpected movement can strain your back muscles and spinal ligaments, causing you back pain. Repeatedly lifting heavy weights and physical activity can also injure your back. Other factors that can cause you to experience lower back pain include; skeletal irregularities, osteoporosis, degeneration of joints and connective tissues, damaged discs, compression of nerves, and more.
  • Solution – Consulting a chiropractor is an excellent place to start if you are looking for alternative treatment for your back pain. Your nervous system can be affected by your spin injury, mainly due to your spine's biomechanical and structural disorder. Chiropractic treatment seeks to restore the spine's structural integrity and minimize pressure on the nerves, which in turn improves your overall health.
  • Benefits – There are many benefits of chiropractic treatment on the lower back. When a chiropractor successfully manipulates your spine, you may get relief from the pain and begin to experience improved muscle and joint function.

Cervical spine injuries (neck pain) 

This injury occurs in the top part of the spinal cord or the neck. Because of its proximity to the brain, it affects a more substantial portion of the body. It may cause you to experience acute pain and may affect one or both sides of your entity; in extreme cases, some cervical injuries can result in death. Cervical spine injuries can result in limited feeling or movement below the shoulders.
  • Causes - Some of the major causes of cervical spine injuries include; falls, vehicle accidents, sports-related injuries, compression of fractures from osteoporosis or arthritis, or inflammation of the spinal cord.
  • Solution – Chiropractic treatment is a good alternative if you are looking for a non-invasive solution to help you with your neck pain. An experienced chiropractor can help loosen up the muscles on your neck to reduce the pain caused by pinched nerves through adjustment.
Chiropractic treatment decreases associated back pain and reduces the effects of stress caused by neck pain. It also improves your ability to think more clearly, increases your energy, vitality, and helps you sleep better.

SI joint pain 

Sacroiliac (SI) joint pain is felt in the low back and buttocks and sometimes down to your thighs. You experience stabbing pain from your hips and pelvis, and you may feel numb.
  • Causes - It is usually caused by injury or damage to the joint between the spine and hip.
  • Solution – There are various other treatments, but if you are looking for a non-invasive solution, you may consider chiropractic treatment. Your chiropractor will use spinal manipulation technique to apply a fast thrust of pressure to your heap.

A successful chiropractic procedure will improve your circulation, taking stagnant blood out and bringing new blood in. You begin to experience improved nerve functionality, and your nerves react to impulses more efficiently. I will also improve your muscle contractility and speed up your recovery process. You quickly get relief from pain after the adjustment.

Chiropractors specialize in the non-invasive and non-addictive treatment of biomechanical and structural disorders of the spine. A chiropractic adjustment goal is to improve your spinal motion and your overall body's physical function. They can also handle issues of the nervous system, the musculoskeletal system, and neuromusculoskeletal disorders.