When you’re a badminton player, you’ll need a higher ability and strength to play the sport. All of these qualities come from the food you eat and the drinks you drink. That's why you should know about the must foods for players before playing badminton.

So, what to eat before playing badminton? We'll talk about this topic. Let's first talk about how the well-planned diet keeps an essential impact on your game.

With the varieties of food and energy drink, you’ll get individual nutrition. Nutrition includes carbohydrates, protein, fat, etc. These are essential for boosting the player's strength and energy. Needless to say, every player must boost up the energy to give their best in the game.

Now let's go in the article below to know what to eat before playing badminton.

Must foods for players (Foods you can take before playing badminton)

Consuming healthy foods helps the badminton player to take the best preparation for his game. To provide the maximum performance and get the best result, you’ll have to consume the nutritious food.

There are some basic foods that every player should consume before playing badminton. Here are they:


Banana is a good source of vitamin K that enhances your concentration while you’re playing. Also, it is packed with carbohydrates and potassium. Carbohydrate is an excellent source for increasing the endurance of athletes.

Whereas, the potassium is good food nutrition for increasing the performance level of the athletes.

Banana is cheap food with easy carrying options. Taking a banana every 15 to 20 minutes will enhance your concentration and performance in the game.

Whole grain toast

The whole-grain toast is another pre-game food that comes with multiple nutrition and vitamin B. the nutrition includes fiber, magnesium, iron, and so on. Additionally, it's very delicious food to eat. So, it can be the best pre-game food for the badminton player.

Baked beans

There is hardly a person who doesn't like baked beans. Many of us love to have food at any time. Fortunately, the baked bean is enriched with protein and fiber. These food materials create heat in the body and heal any injury quickly.

That's why many successful athletes eat the baked beans before and in the middle of the game.

Eggs-A good protein source

Eggs are another excellent source of energy for athletes. Although it seems an odd food option in the middle of the game, it works amazingly. After a day-long game, your body gets stabilized.

The protein from the egg recovers your body and keeps your body active even after the game. However, the vitamins from the egg are also beneficial for your heart and eyes.


To play any type of sport, you need a good building of the body with tons of energy. The fish are enriched with omega-3 fatty acids and an excellent dose of protein. The protein helps in repairing your muscles, hence built-up your body.

Whereas, the fatty acid fights against the fatigue and assists to improve the blood circulation.

Dark-chocolates-for instant calories

Badminton is a physical game that needs too much physical strength. It might run for a long time. Unfortunately, our body cannot take the long-run stress.

To enhance your strength, you need to consume dark chocolate. It carries so many calories which makes you strong enough to carry out the game for a long time.

Mix a 5gram dark chocolate in your drinking water and carry it in your bag while going to play. Within 15 minutes, the chocolate will increase your blood blow. And the water will reduce your thirst during the game.

Keep in mind two basic rules of drinking the chocolate drink. Take it before 10 minutes of starting the game, and don't drink it too much.  

Almonds- Enables fatigue less.

With healthy fat, almond is one of the nutritious foods for the badminton player. It reduces the tiredness of a player when playing badminton.

Also, it is enriched with manganese, phosphorus, biotin, fibers, coppers, vitamins E, B2, and so on. All of these food elements are good for warming up the body for playing.

However, almonds increase the activity by keeping your heart good. Plus, it is very convenient to carry in a plastic bag. So, put a few in your bag while you're going to play badminton.

The sum up!

If you want to give the best performance in your game, there are no alternatives to taking nutritious foods. But it is tough to consume all the foods within a day. Don’t worry! You don’t have to take all these nutritious foods within a day.

Consume two or three foods each day based on your taste and nutritious elements. Nonetheless, give priorities to your favorite one when choosing the food from our list.

So, what are your top favorite foods? Hopefully, you have decided by now.