Skateboarding is a popular hobby and sport to innumerable younger people. Likewise, the other sport, the game has no rules or regulations.

With regular practice and passion, anyone can learn skateboarding within a little time. Most probably, for these reasons the children are frequently taking skateboarding as their favorite game.  

If your children also love skating, you need to ensure the best skateboard for kids. Especially when you want the best cruiser skateboard for your children, you need to research a lot.

But how to choose the best skateboards for kids? Consider some basic things while selecting a skateboard for your kid. Let's walk with us to know about those factors. Here we start!

How to choose skateboards for kids? (Guide)

Getting the best and attractive skateboard is a right of the child who loves skating. If your child isn’t interested or knows about skating, you can grow his interest with an attractive skateboard.

So, what to consider when selecting a skateboard for the kids? Stick to us to know about the critical factors of the child's skating board.

Types of skateboard

Indeed, the expert’s skating board is the same as the beginner’s board. The kids skateboards is also different from a grown person’s skateboard. Long-truck boards and short-track boards are two popular skateboards for the children.

If your kid's height is less than 56 inches, you must consider the shorter board for him. Conversely, you better choose the long truck board when your child’s height is more than 56 inches.


Quality is the most considerable part, no matter what you buy. You perhaps want to get the skateboard within your budget. But never compromise the quality of your skateboard with anything not even with the price.

When choosing the best skateboard for kids, make sure it is durable and heavier than a typical skateboard. Plus, check the wheels, which is one of the most important parts of the skateboard spins smoothly.


If a kid is only about to start skateboarding, you shouldn’t spend too much on him. Nevertheless, don't keep your budget too small when purchasing the skateboarding.

It is difficult to find a minimum quality skateboard at a meager price. Conversely, if you're buying a skateboard for an expert kid, you must raise your budget. A quality longboard is available within $100-$150 dollars.

Inversely, a long skateboard is available within the $80-$100 dollars. If you want to spend 30%-40% more to get a more quality skateboard, then it is absolutely okay.

The shape of the Skate deck

With the normal shape, the length of a typical skateboard is 30”-32.5” inch in length and 7.5”-8.25” in length. You might find smaller or bigger skateboards beyond this measurement. Indeed, width matters a lot on your performance and tricks you’ll apply.

Pick the deck shape of the skateboard that suits your personality and height. Plus, choose the graphics of the skateboard’s deck that creates your child’s interest to play with it.

Consider the truck

The axles attached to the wheels with the skateboard are known as trucks of the skateboard. The truck has to be exactly the same size as the skateboard. Most of the quality and branded trucks come within $15-$30.

Consider your budget as well as quality while choosing the trucks for your child’s skateboard.

Wheels of the skateboard

When it comes to choosing the quality wheels, you need to consider their size and hardness. The bigger wheels assist in enhancing the speed of the skateboard. For making a good start on street skating, 40mm-54mm wheels will be perfect.

Conversely, if you want to skate on parks or ramps, the wheels have to be slightly large. 65mm-70mm long wheels will be suitable for such riding.


The quality of the bearing is determined based on the ABEC Number (1-12). To get the best quality bearing, you better choose the highest number that comes within your budget. The greater number of bearing you choose, the better quality bearing you’ll get.

The sum up!

Choosing the best children's skateboard is more complicated than selecting an adult person's skateboard. That's because the structure of children's bodies is not the same as an adult person. And safety always comes first when it is the matter of your child.

So, how to choose skateboards for kids? Take our suggestions and be sure of getting a quality skateboard for your kids.