benefits of talkingThe COVID-19 pandemic had a lot of people stranded in countries they weren’t too happy about being stuck in. Everyone wanted to be staying with their friends and family during this lockdown, but unfortunately, some people could not enjoy that privilege.

The only way to navigate through this was to get in touch with friends and family. While the internet was the best way to make this happen, through apps like Zoom, Google Hangouts, Whatsapp and others, India does not have the best internet connectivity.

More than 70% of the Indian population using the internet is doing so through phone data. The next solution was making a direct phone call to these people, but this also turned into a challenge since the network providers charge high amounts to make international calls. A new platform came about allowing people to connect through direct, regular phone calls, allowing for cheap international calls and cheap calls with India since India, among few other countries, doesn’t have a good internet connection.

Benefits of having a phone call over sending a text message

There are multiple benefits of connecting with people through phone calls over most other options. Hearing and understanding people is a lot easier over call than text. The best option, however, would be a video call, but various internet restrictions in India do not always make this possible. Hearing a loved one’s voice is also quite reassuring and soothing, allowing people to decode messages and undertones that will be present in their voice over reading a text message.

There can always be multiple of misunderstandings over text since the context is not always understood when messages are sent. Additionally, the time when the text is read could have been a part of a specific context, while later, the situation could have changed. Sometimes the nicest of things said to a person can blow out of proportion, if not read properly. Further, talking to someone assists in understanding a little bit about the way that they communicate.

Overall texting is too impersonal, given the circumstances, it is accepted as a form of communication, but there are instances where people should call. Additionally, there is a lot of time that goes into waiting for people to respond to texts, which is not an issue that most would have if the conversation was handled over the phone. Additionally, people are forced to pay attention to the other on a phone call over while messages are being sent back and forth. This automatically adds context to everything being said without anything taken for granted over the phone.

Connecting with loves ones over the phone

Some platforms allow people to make cheap international calls without using data or even the need for a smartphone. These are significantly better priced and in some cases cost about the same price as a regular call. The app doesn’t have any major limitations, allowing people to call desk phones and cell phones as well.