In recent times, it is hugely typical for many Singaporeans to experience aesthetic procedures. Previously, having your face cosmetically enhanced was something that will draw unwelcome judgement. Trends in the recent decade, regardless, point to a powerful and increasing group of beauty obsessed women that trust aesthetic treatments as a key component of bringing out the best in females. 

Part of the reason for the rising popularity in this industry is the advancement of medical tech. Tiring healing periods are no longer necessary and there can be aesthetic procedures done as rapidly as 10 minutes. The improved accessibility, fuss-free nature and lower costs are beginning to become competitive with that of Seoul. Many clinics, like Veritas Clinic (website: are now located in the heart of town in the midst of the hustle and bustle and are staggeringly popular amongst the trendy working crowd of today.

Rejuran Filler
A prominent cosmetic enhancement first seen in the aesthetic landscape in Seoul, Rejuran is a highly effective medical enhancement used to treat the toils of growing older and improve the quality of skin.

Coming from the world of South Korean medical, Rejuran is a popular treatment that has enormous outcomes on one’s skin. The important ingredient included in Rejuran is coined Polydeoxyribunucleotide.

Results of PDRN can be a bunch, ranging from betterments in smoothness, laxity and vibrancy of skin, to fixing scars and reducing wrinkles. Rejuran can lead to small issue of causing skin appearing quite red for approximately 7 days. After having a Rejuran procedure completed, people may find it cumbersome to attend important events for a length of time. Depending on the millilitres of Rejuran administered, you can expect the cost for a session to end up $250-$500.
New Picolaser
Picolasers are the newest expansion to each and every beauty related practitioner's collection of machines and can fire bursts of laser energy in periods measuring picoseconds. Picolasers possess a wide range of beneficial effects and can be prescribed for removal of pigments, acne, tightening and many others.

Patients who suffer from pigmentation are suitable candidates for pico laser procedures.

Picosecond lasers operate by smashing the pigmentation or tattoo ink clusters within the skin into smaller fragments with potent shots of focussed lasers. The smashed bits of the pigments are then taken away naturally by the body’s defences, in effect, resolving the pigmentation. As the shots of laser energies are only billionths of a second, the chance of your tissue to sustain damage is very unlikely. The wide flexibility of the settings on various models of picolaser machines also signify that varied wavelengths, power and wavelengths can be changed for the desired effect bespoke for the individual. Pico laser procedures won’t need more than an hour from your time. Sometimes you can notice some redness immediately after treatment, but prep yourself for this to vanish soon. Cost: $200-$900/procedure, 3-6 treatments suggested.
Melasma Treatment
Together with the steady march of time, and as skin ages, our layers of skin lose tautness, clearness or begins to show dark-coloured spots that prior, were not present. Living in Singapore, it is not uncommon for quite a number of people to have issues related to pigmentation minimally once in their lives. Contact with sunlight (containing ultraviolet radiation) may darken or cause even more of these spots to appear. Thus, the growth of unwanted types of pigmentation conditions like freckles and melasma is a commonplace occurrence on highly visible areas such as our face, forehead, cheeks. The crux when tackling pigmentation symptoms hinges on the prognosis. It takes a fully trained medical practitioner to accurately determine the trigger to the condition and prescribe the appropriate treatment procedure in every uniquely encountered set of variations of pigmentation problems. Other, less commonly seen underlying factors should also be considered, besides sunlight exposure Removal procedures for pigmentation erasing should constantly be planned to lift the root cause of the problem and to deny recurrence.

With regards to optimal pigmentation removal, the dermatologist should, for starters, accurately tell the symptoms of the pigmented spot before giving the correct treatment or procedure. It is useless to blindly treat pigmentation issues. It is highly likely for numerous pigmentation conditions to be incorrectly recognised as other conditions due to the closeness in appearance between certain pigmentation manifestations. Studies show the existence of select cases of the pigmentation issue getting progressively worse from administration of the wrong treatment. Due to this reason, it is not uncommon to explore different diagnoses from various doctors regarding the pigmentation you may be searching to solve, before accepting any specially designed course of pigmentation removal treatment.

 Treat Acne Scars
Acne blemishes won't be identical. Many kinds may affect the same person. Scars that develop as a repercussion of acne are arguably the tougher dermal problems to cure, commonly due to the many possible varying expressions of acne scarring, with each with its own optimal treatments. Moreover, the complication of measurements chosen during the treatment is increased because any patient's skin expresses particular qualities that might likely impact the intended conclusion of the program. Depending on your skin type, the dermatologist will have to initially carefully assess the potential side effects of treatment, simultaneously contemplating the variant of acne on the skin. This is important since many kinds of acne will give information on the different acne scars of differing characteristics can develop. A multiple particular kinds of acne scars aesthetic doctors often encounter are ice pick scars and hypertrophic scars

It can be interesting to consider there can be a best healing method that might possibly effectively remove every acne scarring, but unfortunately no such procedure has been created in the world. For any good medical professional pursuing to yield the best conclusion, they essentially should concoct a cocktail of the correct treatment procedures to precisely cure the different types of acne scars the person may have. If you have been suffering your acne scars for some time now, we propose that you talk to a few trusted aesthetic clinics or hospitals to gain a better grasp what doctors required for your optimal outcomes before undergoing treatment. The methods administered involve laser treatments, & subcision.

Cost of acne scar removal changes according to the type of treatment required by your aesthetic doctor, with topical application gel being the cheapest and laser programs costing up to $3,000 for an extensive treatment.