Web designing is making your website that includes some of the main features of the website layout of the website's main page, content that will be presented, and the graphics of the website. For the designing website, we must have some HTML, CSS and JavaScript to add designing to the content.

The main feature of a good website:

Before designing any website, you must have a good sense of colour scheme and utilizing the space on the page and between the elements. When a person visits your site, it should quickly found all the icons to complete its task. The site should be simple and easy to understand for the user visiting it for the first time. Try Weebly apps to start your site.  While designing any site, you keep in mind the types of consumers going to visit it. The site should be easily searchable. The download speed of the website should be higher.

Signs of the wrong website:

The website distracts the user. The site consists of too many ads. Such sites consist of irrelevant data. Nothing will be organized on their page. You cannot efficiently complete your desire task. The site cannot be easily searched. Old or false data uploaded. You cannot contact them. Download speed will be the lowest. But if you are using Weebly apps to create your website, you will not pass through such troubles.

Some technologies for designing the website:

You can seek help from creatly.com, HTML, CSS and JavaScript for designing and learning the website designing.

Some website designing sites:


Webnode allows you to make the website for free but has some limitations. It permits the user to design the site modern. They allow you to add contemporary and elegant themes.


Wix is also one of the best web designing sites. It allows the user with attractive and stylish themes. It has some distinctive features and outlines. Initially, it is free, but for some extra and best features and themes, you have to purchase it.


Ucraft is the only website that allows you to connect with already available domains at zero cost. You can make your text more attractive by changing the font, colour and many more. It is more complicated than the already available site for web designing. They allow you many things for free, but very few items are at some cost.


It allows you to free web designing. It mostly targets beginners in website designing. It allows accessible features. It also allows you to save up to 5 articles on their sites.

Site 123

Site 123 is one of the most straightforward web designing sites with user-friendly interference. It has straightforward tools for making the web more attractive and beautiful.


The main feature distinguished from other sites is that it allows you to make a website in multiple languages. It also allows you to the best SEO tools.

Weebly site

It is one of the best web designing sites so far and at the top ranking among the entire web creating sites due to its unique features. It allows the user to create the best and attractive site by using all the multiple tools. It is a very user-friendly site. It allows the user to make different kinds of sliders for your site, help you to guide in organizing the web content, attractive tabs, allow the testimonial sliders, one-page site, permits you to add customized buttons, add images, readily available icons to complete your task and you can design your customized background. Overall it is the best web designing site.