We all have angry outbursts, but some individuals amongst us have a hard time telling anyone that they are angry due to which they are more frustrated and exhausted than others. Anger is a feeling that must be expressed healthily like you express feelings when you are sad or happy.

Moreover, there is not much awareness as to how anger ruins our health. Therefore, I have collected eight different ways that will tell you how anger ruins your health; I hope it helps you more than it helped me, 

The heart is at great risk:

Recent studies have observed that when you have had an angry outburst, the chances of having a heart attack are double than before. Anger is related to the heart directly as it affects it.

There are two types of anger: in one, we express whatever we feel to the next person's face, but the other is repressed anger in which the anger is expressed indirectly or controlled, which is also associated with the heart. People who don't get angry have fewer chances of having coronary disease, but this does not mean this cannot be controlled, start identifying and addressing your feelings before all control is lost.

Make sure to talk to the person you are angry at rather than going to other parties so that your frustration is dealt in a right manner and this kind of anger is known as constructive anger where you deal with the party making you angry before things get bad and this is not associated with the heart in any way. 

You are at stroke risk:

When you are angry, what do you do? Do you calmly handle the situation, or do you lash out? If you lash out, beware of the fact that a recent study was conducted with angry people. It was found out that angry people have three to four times higher risk of getting a stroke from internal bleeding in their brain or just a blood clot after two to three hours of an angry outburst, which is why it is necessary to meet a professional.

They can help you make a positive coping mechanism, make sure to recognize what triggers you, and then how you can change your responses. 

Worse anxiety:

Anxiety and anger have a powerful relationship. Anxiety is the fear that an individual feels, the fear that something bad is about to happen.

In a 2012 study conducted, which was later published in cognitive behavior, the therapy journal said that whenever there is anger, there is anxiety, and anxiety makes it worse. The people who had anxiety did not only have higher levels of anger but were more frustrated and exhausted, which made their anxiety and eventually angered worse.

Weak immune system:

If you get mad easily and quickly then there are greater chances of you feeling sick more than usual, in a recent study conducted in the Harvard University, it was observed that healthy people upon recalling an old angry incident that happened to them could cause the low levels of a very important antibody also known as immunoglobulin.

An antibody is a cell that fights the infections of our body, so if you stay angry a lot, then you have a weak immune system that can be protected by changing your thought process, problem-solving, and communication. The first step is acceptance, and once you have accepted that you have a problem, you need to start calming down. 

Anger has a strong relationship with depression:

Anger and depression have been related together in many different studies. It has been said many times that depression brings out passive anger in which you think and contemplate what bothers you but never express or take action.

If anyone is suffering from depression with episodes of anger in between, it is suggested that they keep themselves distracted, stay busy, and don't overthink at all. They can start doing golf, football, biking, or some hike with friends to help them get better.

Short life due to anger:

Stress links everything to our health, and the worst thing is that if you are stressed and angry, you will have a short life. A recent study conducted at the University of Michigan saw that couples who had kept their anger inside them regarding the next person have a shorter life span than the others who expressed that they were mad. If you can't show negative emotions, then talk to a professional to express what bothers you. 

Aggression can negatively impact your lungs:

You don’t have to be very happy if you are not a smoker because if you are angry all the time, then you are hurting your lungs anyway.

Anger levels were tested for eight years at the Harvard University of 670 men. It was seen that men who got angry a lot had the worst lungs and a huge risk of developing respiratory diseases while, on the other hand, the men who were less angry and knew how to express anger healthily had fewer chances. The hormones related to anger and stress can create inflammation in your airways, causing the lungs to damage. 

Anger can disrupt relationships:

When you are angry, there are greater chances of ruining your relationships by keeping everything inside and not expressing what bothers you.

If you can positively deal with your anger, then that is great. If you can't do so, then that is bad because if there is no communication in a relationship, then there are fights that can lead the next person to leave you. Consequently, you can do into depression or have a heart attack; therefore, it is important to learn how to deal and positively express anger so things can change.

To sum it all up, Express Grass is an excellent website with amazing deals on weed and other products that help you deal with depression and calm you down, but before consuming it, make sure to consult your doctor. Furthermore, always remember that your anger does not make you a bad person; not doing anything about it makes you a bad person, so make sure to visit a therapist so that your life can be changed.