Today video chat is a worthy alternative to real-time communication and a good way to have fun. Usually they are a service with two camera windows, one of them is yours and the other one is your interlocutor’s. The program selects a random person who is also online and connects you in video mode.

The following random video chat roulettes are especially popular today: Omegle, CooMeet, Camsurf, Shagle, Chatroulette, and many others.  With Omegle chat, you can strike up a conversation with strangers, meet interesting people, and create new friends. The vast majority of their users are English-speaking, but often you can also meet representatives of other countries. And thus, you can meet speakers of different languages of the world.

As in real life, during video chats, you are judged and evaluated by the way you look and you need to respond quickly. If you do not need to do anything special for text messaging on dating websites or in messengers and there is time to prepare an answer to each question, at least minimal preparation is necessary for video communication through random chat platforms.

Another question is whom you will communicate with. An arranged conversation with a friend or even a video conference is one thing. It is quite a different experience to have a random cam to cam chat with a stranger. You see him/her for the first and perhaps the last time in your life. So why not produce the most pleasant impression?

Preparation for video chat roulette is made up of three components:

  • cleaning up your surroundings;
  • cleaning up yourself;
  • preparing topics for conversation.

Let’s talk about each of them in more detail.

1. Your surroundings

Before you start a conversation, you should carefully examine the surrounding space which will be visible to your interlocutor through a webcam. The flaws of repair in the room or clutter on the sofa should not be visible to the interlocutor. Of course, no one will punish you for this, but the first impression about you will be not quite positive. This is especially true for girls.

It’s better to clean the room because you can rotate or zoom in on the camera during a conversation, thereby opening up new viewing areas. And yes, it is much more pleasant to stay in a clean room, you will notice that your mood gets better.

It is also worth cleaning up the computer table, removing all the clutter from it. Many people leave paper, cups, wrappers and various unnecessary and necessary things in their working space. This also should not be shown to your random interlocutors.

Please make sure that the surroundings that get in the video do not indicate the exact address of your place of residence, occupations that identify you or your real name or surname. For random video chats, this can be dangerous, because you do not know who will be your next interlocutor. It is best to maintain anonymity for some time.

2. Secluded spot and attention for the interlocutor

If you are talking in private mode, you should take care of privacy. Close the door to the room so that a household member does not accidentally enter and interfere. Or, if you are in a computer club or coworking, choose a remote place for yourself that is quiet and comfortable.

Also do not forget to pay attention to the interlocutor. No matter how strange it may sound, but during a conversation in a webchat, many people manage to talk on the phone or talk to a person nearby rather than to an online interlocutor. This is unpleasant for anyone and can significantly reduce communication time.

3. Neat look

In a text chat, we can communicate while wearing casual clothes, whereas in video chat it is not advised. Attractive appearance is important here.

●      Men should wear clean, well-fitting clothes, comb their hair, and shave.

●      Girls need to add light makeup to neat clothes and hairstyle, thereby emphasizing their natural beauty and freshness.

Pay attention to the lighting. The pale light of the monitor hasn’t made anybody look prettier. It is better to turn on the side lamp with a warm soft light. Or, if you are chatting during the day, use daylight, which, if desired, can be darkened with translucent white or pinkish curtains.

4. Topics for conversation

You shall agree that it’s not very nice when a stranger starts to bombard you with personal questions. Or, conversely, does not know what to say, and the conversation does not go well. Think in advance about what you would like to talk about. Focus on your interests, hobbies, perhaps topical news and so on. You can view the profile and profile picture of the person you are talking to, and come up with some conversation topics based on that information.

5. Good mood

As in real communication, video chat with strangers requires a positive mood. You should not bother the interlocutor with your problems, because he or she sees you for the first time and wants to have fun.

Moreover, you shall not reflect your bad mood on your interlocutors - you run the risk of getting ignored in return or receive a good portion of negativity. Look at random video chats as an exciting adventure that helps brighten up your free time.

6. Don’t be afraid to stop a conversation

You visit such websites only to get positive emotions and meet nice people. Remember this. If communication gets intense, and a person starts talking about or doing unpleasant things, immediately click on the “Stop” button.

The anonymity of video chat often attracts inappropriate people. Of course, moderation bans them, but before that, they manage to spoil the mood of several of their interlocutors. Do not take it too seriously, just switch to the next conversation.

As you can see, preparing for a random video chat with strangers is simple and does not require a lot of time. Have a nice chat!