The only thing we often cling onto in the connection is stability. Without it, nothing matters. Stability and certainty are the main aspects of any prosperous connection. Women especially have to be secure in tandem, as females are more unprotected on a daily basis. And this is no joke. Statistically, 35% of women worldwide have been a victim of emotional or physical abuse at least once in a lifetime.. Even if equality prevails in your couple, it still good to check on your girlfriend every once in a while to make sure she feels safe and secure.

Do men and women see security the same way?

Many males understand the word “security” as something connected to the financial side: “she secured the bag,” “we have a new secure pad.” Females think of security as physical or emotional protection, as well as their partner’s ability and readiness to help out.

Another way females comprehend security in a partnership is the literal absence of self-doubt. In a couple of words, females understand the concept of security as the comfort of being themselves + the perception of having a stable boyfriend who won’t leave her in trouble.

Both notions are connected to physical and mental stability. Both their mind and body have to be alright. As bizarre as it is, couples often forget about the existence of emotional security. Even being able to help in a troublesome situation, they oftentimes violate mental security by manipulations and feeling of disconnectedness.

How to make your girl feel like she is in a stable connection?

  1. Always be there for her. Women generally dislike when men treat them occasionally right. If you see your partner struggling, be the first one to help her out. Make sure you can discuss every major struggle, as you are right there to lend her a helping hand. For example, ukrainian girls from often say that their man should be as secure as a cement wall.
  2. Don’t leave your phone on mute. One of the main reasons we feel self-conscious in a relationship is when our partner leaves us hanging in serious moments of our lives. Sometimes you can give people the benefit of the doubt. All in all, they can be busy with work or going out with friends. But on some occasions, one partner’s absence brings emotional unease and feeling of instability. When a man plays “hot and cold”, it can be devastating for a woman to guess his emotions. Is it just a phase, or is he going to leave me? Why the sudden change of scenery? If you witness your SO’s texts, and you are busy, answer that you’ll talk whenever you’re free. Do not abandon your girlfriend hanging for half a day just because you were not “in the mood.”
  3. Stick to your words. Women hate on-off relationships with men being in the right place at the right time whenever they feel like it. If you are not ready to commit or be close, just lay down all the cards and don’t be one foot in the water.
  4. Escort your lady out and meet her at the nighttime. Sometimes security means literal physical safety. When a girl is walking alone in the dark alley, it can cause her emotional distress. Sadly, this happens not because of paranoia. It is dangerous to walk in the evening in many places. So if you want to be a true man, try to meet her at the bus stop is she doesn’t drive. Be sure to check on your girl from time to time. Take that with all responsibility.
  5. Don’t disappear. If you are going through a phase you don’t want her to know about, it’s better to stay discrete and tell everything as it is. She would better get mad than paranoid about you suddenly skipping dates.
  6. Always speak the truth. Nothing can lead to self-doubt faster than lies. If you want to be the best boyfriend, treat your girl as a friend. We don’t often lie to friends, so why are you afraid to be fair with your lady?
  7. Don’t feed her insecurities. Women might be self-conscious when they are not sure you are interested in them. This can be in your changed attitude, sudden cold shoulder, or mean jokes. If you witness your girl being upset, the truth is, she is just scared to lose you.
  8. Support her hobbies. Nothing can boost her self-esteem more than understanding that her man shares everything exciting and appreciates her quirks. If you ask her something about the new job, take notes on her rumba classes, and offer to make eggnog together, it means that you strive for emotional connection, and that is very flattering.
Have some financial backup. This is self-explanatory. If you are in a serious connection with a shared family budget, it is better to save up something for later. Your woman will feel more tranquil if she knows you are working towards a better future together.