Server Hosting Providers

Does your company need dedicated servers? If so then you should consider the features of companies like Intergrid to pick one for your computer networking needs. Fun Fact: It’s estimated there are over 80 million (2018) servers worldwide.


 Many companies today are looking for dedicated servers since this allows them to run their websites exclusively on the machine. This provides various benefits related to speed, efficiency, reliability, control, and security. Here are some key features to weigh:



 This is an important factor for computers in general but especially in the business world. It’s critical for dedicated servers to have the specs you need in terms of processor, data storage, and RAM in particular. This helps to maintain the best performance for website visitors/customers and reduces the risk of issues like websites crashing. 



 This is related to the offerings offered by providers of dedicated servers like Intergrid. Make sure there’s a wide range of price ranges. This provides more options between sky’s-the-limit and shoestring budgets. 


 You should certainly expect to pay more for servers with more power, storage, etc. That said, even in these cases make sure to look for good value since you’ll likely want to keep it going every month.



It’s best if the company has multiple data centres throughout Australia including ones like Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. “The more the merrier” rule applies and especially for large cities like Sydney. Australia is the world’s 6th largest country by total area and is over 2x larger than the next country India. 


 In terms of overall speed, performance, and support, it’s best if you can find a data centre as close to your home as possible. In fact, for large cities like Sydney with 12,300+ km² and a population of 5.2+ million, it’s especially critical. 



 When choosing among companies like Intergrid it’s important to have several options related to factors like:


 * CPU (central processing unit)

 * RAM (random access memory)

 * Data Storage 


 Fun Fact: In 1975 the MITS Altair 8800 was launched as the first mass-produced personal computer and was sold as kits. Today’s processors, hard drives, and RAM are more powerful than ever. 


 When picking a company offering dedicated server hosting make sure it has several offerings with different tech specs. This is critical to get the best results. For example, you should factor issues like the processor’s power, gigabytes (GB) of RAM and terabytes (TB) of data storage. These are some of the main ones to look for.