Best Baby Bottle
Every parent loves their child. Every child is a blessing from God. So they want to ensure the best in everything as well as food. As an infant, it is best for a baby if it gets breast milk of the mother. For at least six months of age, a baby must drink only the milk of the mother's breast. But every mother can't ensure breastfeeding. In that case, bottle feeding can be the best alternative.

Best time to introduce the baby with a bottle

Doctors suggest that a baby must drinks milk from the breast until it is six months old. But if the mother wants to go to work, then it is not possible every time to ensure breastfeeding. So the mother can take help of feeding bottle to feed her child. A feeding bottle/baby bottle is a bottle with a nipple added through which an infant or young children or a person who is unable to drink from a cup can drink directly. At first, the baby must be introduced with the bottle and the way to drink from a bottle. It may take 2 or 3 weeks.

Choose the best baby bottle

There are thousands of types of baby bottles in the market. But all are not healthy and harm-free for babies. Before buying a baby bottle, you must know about finding the right one.

Types of the baby bottle:

  • Standard Bottle: Baby bottle must be standard and lightweight. Plastic, glass or stainless steel is used to make a baby bottle. Among them for baby feeding, best glass baby bottles are perfect.
  • Neck-angled bottle: Neck bent baby bottles prevent air from filling in the nipple. It becomes easy to drink for babies. The bottle which is angle shaped are much harder to clean, and it can be harmful to the baby.
  • Wide neck bottle: these bottles are broad in the neck area, and broader nipples are used in this bottle. This type of bottles can give babies almost the same experience of breastfeeding. Those babies who are going from the breast from a bottle often, this bottle is ideal. Wide neck bottle is healthier and safe as it is easier to clean.
  • Vented bottle: this bottle has a built-in tube included which will prevent air from entering into the nipple and making foam. But it is harder to clean this bottle.

Types of baby bottle nipple:

  • Traditional nipple: This nipple is bell-shaped. Latex nipple comes with most of the baby bottle.
  • Orthodontic nipple: This specific one is designed with a tubercular top and flatten base to defend the baby's palate.
  • Flat-topped nipple: this nipple's shape is more like a breast with a more significant base and flattens the top.
  • Anti-vacuum nipple: Sometimes baby suffers from gas in the stomach. Anti-vacuum nipple prevents this disease.
  • Disposable nipple: this nipple comes with wrapping. You can easily clean this type of nipple. But it must be tossed after every single use.
  • Silicone nipple: this type of nipple is more durable and reliable. Some babies have allergy in latex. Silicon nipple is best for them. But this nipple should also be changed after a few months of use.
If you want to make a transfer in your baby's feeding system from breast to bottle, it may become wily. It will be best if you buy multiple types of bottles and see what suits your baby more. But it is mentioned everywhere that breastfeeding or human milk is best for baby's nutrition and growth. Like this baby-bottle, you must know all detailed baby products buying guides. Without knowing the details and how to buy the right product, you may choose the wrong one. It will harm your baby.