The interior doors of the house are something that is usually installed or re-installed during a home renovation. But when the budget does not come, it is one of the things that is usually parked and left for later. Especially when they are not in terrible condition, their change is due more to aesthetic reasons.

However, there is always the option of installing the doors economically. In this article, we tell you how and we answer the question: How much door installation cost?

Install doors economically

Next, we are going to talk about the factors that influence the price when installing the doors of the house. We also want to offer you a little more information so you know how much the different door installing options can cost.

What influences the price of changing a door?

Visiting shops specialized in DIY you see doors so cheap that it seems that they are not going to suppose a significant expense in total, but several factors can make them very expensive:

·        Additional materials: It's not just about buying the door. You have to buy the equipment for the subframe, the appropriate jambs to the measurements of the wall, and the handles.

·         Workforce: Once the doors have been purchased, it is time to pay for the labor to place them. This can suppose a significant variation in the final price of the work. For example, the amount of installing a sliding door is usually different from that of establishing a swing door.

·         Special measures: Everything can become more expensive if the doors do not correspond to standard measurements. In these cases, there are two solutions, either buy the door or adapt the difference to the size of conventional doors. In any case, the increase in the budget will be noticed, either by the material or by the artistry.

·         Door type: You have been able to see some of the aspects that influence the final price of a door. However, beyond all these factors, the type of door is an especially relevant issue.

How much door installation cost: depending on types?

Focusing on installing interior doors, we can distinguish two types of door mainly:


Its interior is made of honeycomb cardboard. They are lighter, but also more fragile, and offer worse insulation compared to solid doors. They can cost between $30-$50.


They are made of more robust materials than hollow doors, such as chipboard or solid wood. They usually have thermal and acoustic insulation capabilities. You can install doors of this type for a price from $80, although some can exceed $200.

On the other hand, your intention may be to change the front door to your home. In this case, the most recommended is to place armored doors. They are usually somewhat more expensive.

Specifically, it is possible to find entry doors installation from $350 - $500, while the armored ones typically cost more than $700.

Here's a table for your better understanding:

Door type

Installation cost





Entry (light)


Entry (heavy)

700$ and above


How much door installation cost: depending on materials?

Professionals in the sector work with doors constructed from wood, metal, glass, or a combination of various materials. Choosing an artisan or steel model will increase the total costs of the project. Other elements to be used, such as latches, hinges, and screws, are usually inexpensive if they are chosen in their most basic version. Still, they can increase the budget for installing the entrance door if they are handmade or imported.

Depending on the materials, the prices can be varied like the following:

Door material

Installation cost


40-200$ (interior)




Cast iron




Engineered wood





Price summary for installing doors

We have offered you a lot of information about the different options you have at your disposal if you want to change the doors of your property. That is why we wanted to summarize all the data to make it more accessible and more comfortable to assess.

If you are going to hire a professional, the average price of installing a door maybe around 750-2000$ including other associated costs (labor, frames, slab, supplies, etc.)  On the other hand, if you want to do it on your own, it can cost you a little less.

Remember that the price may vary depending on the quality and material of the door you choose.

And should you place the door yourself?

There are so many tutorials on the internet that teach you how to set up a door on your own that it may seem easy enough. In these cases, you have to go to a DIY center and buy a kit door, which already has an included frame.

Besides, you have to buy the jambs, which usually come in packs of five: four for the sides of the door inside and outside the room, and one to cut and place on the top inside and outside. You also must buy the handle.

But putting a door yourself has specific problems that must be taken into account:

·         The pre-frame: In old houses or with a poor-quality construction, it is easy to find that when removing the old door, there is no subframe. This can pose a severe problem for a person with minimal DIY knowledge since placing a subframe is not a primary task.

·         The cuts: Cutting the jambs at an angle requires some precision. Indeed, today many people do not directly make the cuts at an edge, but they are not as beautiful.

·         Get rid of old doors: It is true that in most cities, there is a free pick-up service from the town hall. But it will be necessary to download all the material on the street.

Other inexpensive ways to change doors

Sometimes it is apparent that you have to install new doors, but it is not always necessary to change them for new ones. There are alternatives to improve the appearance of your doors if they are not in terrible condition:


There are cases where a coat of paint may be more than enough to renovate your doors. They may need to be sanitized or restored before painting. In these situations, you should assess what will be more economical: fix your old doors or buy new ones.


Decorative vinyl is very fashionable lately. Placing them on doors can be an excellent solution to give them a new look without spending a lot of money.


Today, you can find a huge variety of wallpaper designs on the market. You can stick them on your doors and combine them to achieve a different result.

Another option that is booming is the lacquering of doors. You can lacquer the doors in white to renovate and give new air to your house without spending a lot of money.


In the end, everything will depend on your preferences. We hope you found the article interesting and that you can find the solution to install the doors of your home economically.