Fun Activities You Can Do In The Office

Did you know that you can turn the office into a world of fun and forget about the documents that need to be proofread for a moment? The office doesn’t have to be this dull boring place with people whose faces scream that they are there against their will. The work office type of employment requires people to be focused so that goals can be achieved and company growth can be maintained. All this can still be achieved and in greater miles, when little fun activities schedules are put on the picture.

There is this notion or belief that associates offices with work mills that have employees on their toes trying to make submissions and presentations and meeting deadlines. Well, it is fair enough to say that today a majority of organizations are paying attention to the wellbeing of workers by facilitating team building and fun activities inside and outside the office. These are very advantageous in ensuring that workers create bonds that enable them to teamwork effectively and that productivity at work is guaranteed due to workers motivation. There is a variety of fun activities to do in the office that are very engaging. Most of them are easy to learn and by the time you know it you are a pro player. So, what exactly are some of these fun activities that we are talking about?

A List of Fun Activities To Try Out In The Office

Who said that the office can be a dull place to be? Try out these fun activities at your workplace and you will be grateful you did it;
  • The laughing game. This game is supposed to have you in a circle where each participant is supposed to say the phrase ‘ha ha” or “huhu” and whoever breaks down in laughter is supposed to exit the circle until there is only one man standing.
  • Caricature drawing. This involves employees taking part to draw their fellow colleagues and compare the results to see who it bested.
  • Putting in place a success bell. This bell is ringed whenever a colleague makes a sale or achieves something significant for the company. The ring is celebrated with cheers by everyone at the work place for appreciation motivation purposes but is still a fun activity.
  • Taking part in the mannequin challenge. This challenge gets people imitating the mannequins whereby they freeze themselves in front of a camera. This gets more interesting when there is some music playing on the background to keep the spirits high.
  • Song naming. Here, a random song is played for like five seconds and the first person to identify it by the name is named the winner.
  • Holding karaoke in the office. There are people at your office who will be thrilled at this idea of having everyone belt out their favorite songs. You will be surprised that several people are sitting on their talents from their displayed vocal prowess that they themselves knew nothing about until that karaoke happened.