Expanded Clay Pellets

Are The Ideal Growing Medium For Hydroponics

Finding the ideal hydroponics growing medium can be a difficult journey. Since the entire concept of hydroponics derives from the need for a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle, it’s crucial to find a traditional growing medium that will not disappoint you or your crops over time. 

The reason why we bring in expanded clay aggregates into the argument (famously known as clay pellets) is mainly because of the undue advantages they have to offer:

Unmatched water drainage

One of the top concerns of growing a crop is the water drainage properties that the growing medium has to offer. Since clay pellets are highly porous, they can absorb the liquid solutions passed through them much more efficiently. Although the growing medium does not occupy much space, it manages to cover larger areas, making it an easy solution for flowing systems. No blockage is the key to 

Easy airflow

An easy airflow is also crucial for the healthy growth of a plant. If there is an appropriate amount of water flowing through the crop but no airflow, the plant’s death is inevitable. Luckily for you, clay pellets hold enough space to allow a healthy airflow for the plant’s survival. 

A renewable resource

Finding a renewable resource for your business in modern times is as good as a blessing. With global warming on the bridge of our noses and many of our resources running out, the more we can use renewable energy sources, the better. Clay pellets are not only renewable but also safe for use in correlation with the health of the environment. This makes them one of the most preferred options available in the market. If you’re able to use a sustainable creation, you’ll be able to benefit from it in the same way as the environment. 

Clay pellets are lightweight.

Although their lightweight nature does not necessarily be a benefit, it’s an important point. Clay pellets are easy to use due to this factor. Since other growth mediums tend to be heavy and difficult to deal with, clay pellets can be an ideal addition to your garden. Don’t believe us? Think about the last time you uprooted a plant and struggled to remove it from the soil. The same struggle would not be applicable in your situation if you were to use clay pellets. Use the more accessible and better medium, and use clay pellets. 

Incessant reusability

Not every growth medium is reusable, which, in turn, makes them a less preferred option for a farmer’s plantation. However, clay pellets do not fall under this category. Clay pellets or expanded clay aggregates are some of the most easily reusable materials available as growing mediums for plants and crops. All you need to do is wash them off, sterilize them and go forward with the plantation process again. This process can be carried out multiple times, and unless there’s an excessive amount of salt on top of the growth medium, you can continue to reuse it. 

Expanded clay aggregate is a company set in India that works toward the brighter and ecological future of the country. If you’re looking for a clay pellet solution, you can reach out to them for more information on how you can go about the process of building a clean and green lifestyle for your plantation farm. 

Finding the ideal growing medium might be difficult, but it is certainly not impossible. Pass your judgement on whether clay pellets are the right option for you, and do your research on the other growing mediums available. This will allow you to make the best choice for you!